Here Goes Nothing…

Some close friends have been encouraging me recently to start a blog. Whether this is because they believe in my innate talent and ability to find the humor in everyday life, or they’re just sick of listening to me  feeling sorry for me wonderful has yet to be seen.

But after spending a while attempting to get up the courage to commit my words to the big scary Internet, and reading some of the amazing work of other bloggers out there, I realized that I may have something new to add.

Namely: Online dating. How many people out there are willing to admit that they’re doing it?

Granted, the stigma doesn’t seem to be quite as frightening as it used to be, and people are really supportive if you’re not quite ready to become the crazy cat lady (more on THAT later) yet. I’m not going to lie and say that I don’t get some surprised looks when I admit that I’ve used a dating site.

This is because I am hot. And funny. And fabulous. I’m realizing that more and more hot, funny, fabulous women are tired of dealing with creepy guys in bars and men who can beat 97 levels of the latest RPG but don’t know how to use a phone and are turning to the little fairy godmothers of the Internet to help them find Mr Maybe. Or they’re like me, who thought “I’m going to sit back and let Mr Future Husband come find me. I can’t influence fate, and everyone who’s full of shit who knows what they’re talking about says it will happen when I least expect it.” Except after a year and a half? Still no Mr Future Husband.

So yes. My name is Brooke.  I am 26, extremely single, and searching via one of the big name dating sites.  I want to spill my guts and chronicle this experience.  And if anyone out there wants to offer advice, support, or just tell me I’m crazy- Go for it.


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