Advice from Another Time Zone

Sometimes, I have trouble making the necessary decisions regarding dating. At what point does one say “Ok. This really isn’t going anywhere. It’s in the interest of both parties to move on now”? At times like those, I turn to my best sources of advice… Family and Friends.

In the case of Armstrong Guy, things were really dragging out. We had been seeing each other for about 6 weeks, but I was still unsure as to his feelings for me, or level of attraction. I decided to bounce some things off Danielle and see if she could enlighten me at all.

Quick note: Yes, the times are funky because we’re switching between Eastern and Central time

From: Brooke

Sent:  August 2009 1:40 PM

To: Danielle

I’m not sure. We’ve gone out about 6 times, so I’d say it’s been about a month and a half. And I feel like it’s just stalled. Like, it’s not normal that we’ll hang out and he won’t make any attempt to put his arm around me or anything. Not til the end of the evening.

If you are a 28-year-old guy, and you are into me, you should be attempting to jump my bones. I’m ok with it. Really.

Yes, Lawyer boy has disappeared again. *rolls eyes* I wasn’t sure if it was because I actually hurt his feelings saying it was ludicrous that we date, or if he just found someone else to pester.

From: Danielle

Sent:  August 2009 2:46 PM

To: Brooke

I totally agree. I can’t tell exactly what it is with AG….I just think something odd is up…but all I know is comparing Seth and me and how we took it really slow at the beginning but at the 1 mo mark…it was like – ready – set – go! And he became that 26 year old. Like you, I think its very interesting that he hasn’t tried anything yet. Not even a failed attempt at a tap on the rear end. Where’s the flirting…where’s the fun…where’s the game? It almost seems like hes sort of…boring. Like you’re the only one planning to do anything and hes just sort there for the ride. BORING.

Are there any other prospects?

That’s totally what LB is…a pester-er.

From: Brooke

Sent:  August  2009 1:59 PM

To: Danielle

You are DEAD on. I mean, once or twice he’s actually surprised me by being funny. And that’s not good. But I need someone that I can occasionally be an ass with and he’ll be an ass back and we’ll get turned on at each others ass-ness and then make out.

From: Danielle

Sent:  August  2009 3:02 PM

To:  Brooke


…my vote = NEXT!

You need someone you’re going to want to be with in a couple months. You might die of boredom before that happens with AG.

From: Brooke

Sent: August 2009 2:03 PM

To: Danielle

Haha, today we have spoken about exactly 2 things:

A: the weather.

B: his schedule.

*hangs self with noose made of paper clips*

From: Danielle

Sent:  August 2009 3:13 PM

To: Brooke

Can you imagine waking up to that in 5 years?

Brooke: Hey babe….wanna make another go at the baby thing this morning?

AG: Well…its going to be really humid….I don’t want to get sweaty

Brooke: Darn it…I do all the work anyway you boring dork.

AG: That hurts my feelings. I’m going to work. (walks out door)

Brooke: (blows kiss to closed door) Love you too 😛

No…that’s no acceptable. I don’t want you to be a sad Brooke. That’s it AG. Its time to peace out like a fat kid in dodge ball. Adios dork man.

This would be the better story….

Brooke: Hey babe….wanna make another go at the baby thing this morning?

Mr. Brooke: (cranks up the marvin gaye music)…Lets get it on…

Brooke: (smiles as Mr. Brooke kisses her on the forehead and knocks everything off the kitchen table) Darn it Mr. Brooke…I’m going to have to clean that up now…

Mr Brooke: We can worry about that later…

Yes…I like that story better.

From: Brooke

Sent:  August 2009 2:14 PM

To: Danielle

*silent laugh*

Omg!! You are not allowed to be a time-travelling Danielle.

Even if your time travel does involve me getting laid someday.

From: Danielle

Sent: August 2009 3:17 PM

To: Brooke

Don’t worry…I don’t think I have gene-chromo-whatever….I just never lost my imagination like most adults (not us) do.

From: Brooke

Sent: August 2009 2:31 PM

To: Danielle

Dear AG,

Danielle says that I should stop seeing you because you are kinda boring and not attempting to jump my bones after the designated “getting to know you” period of one month.

This is a sad thing, because you are rather jumpable yourself, but I don’t think I could do someone who might bore me to sleep during the act.

If you have any issues, please take it up with Danielle. She’s the boss. And London is her boss.



Ps- that was me getting too bored to finish the letter.


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