A Heartbreaking Conversation of Staggering Genius

(The Scene: Brooke’s house. Mom, Dad, Brooke and Army Boy are watching a football game.)

Mom: … wtf? Why are they all wearing pink?

Dad: In honor of Breast Cancer awareness

Mom: Oh, right…

Brooke: They all just want to be “faaaabulous!”

Army Boy: *grins*

Brooke: (sings) They feel pretty, oh so pretty….

Army Boy: *smile*

Brooke: Do these pink cleats make my butt look big?

AB: *chuckle*

Brooke: Bahaha, Tony Romo’s wearing pink!

Army Boy: *snicker*

Brooke: Seriously. I will keep going until you laugh at me.

 (a few minutes pass)

 Brooke: Oh eff. That’s Payton Manning and the Colts. Not the Cowboys.

Army Boy: *cracks up*

 The moral of the story: I’m an  idiot. And that’s alot funnier than if I try to be funny.


One thought on “A Heartbreaking Conversation of Staggering Genius

  1. LOVE this. Army Boy makes me laugh. How he didn’t say anything when you said Tony Romo is amazing, my husband would have jumped on that in a second.

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