When I began dating Army Boy, he revealed that he’d never tried sushi. Actually, there are a number of things that he hadn’t tried, but sushi may have been number one on my list of “OMG IS THAT A DEALBREAKER?!” (not the fact that he currently technically has a teeny little detail called a WIFE)(nope. It was the sushi. Priorities, people.)

On our third or fourth date, I can’t remember which, we made a pilgrimage of sorts to my favorite sushi place, which is about an hour away. There he was introduced to the wonder that is raw fish and rice and all things chopsticks. Teaching another left-handed person how to use chopsticks? One of the best things EVER.

I totally ate more than he did. Embarassing. But on the bright side, he wasn’t wigged out. He was open-minded, enjoyed discussing how to order “Sushi for Dummies,” and was completely enamored with the Philly Roll and the Jade Roll (shrimp tempura, avocado, and other deliciousness that I can’t remember now but rest assured NOM).

I think that his feelings about sushi were very similar to mine. The initial experience, I was like “Eh, I’m glad I tried it, it was pretty good.” The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to try it again. By my second time, I was hooked. (*wondering if there is a dirty metaphor here somewhere….*)(fish pun completely unintentional)

When Army Boy started to bring up “When are we going to go for sushi again?” every so often in conversation, I could practically see the wheels turning. Though we’d been making an effort to cook a couple of meals on our weekends together, this weekend was slightly hectic and after the Great Teaching Brooke to Drive Manual Disaster of Aught Nine, I was feeling that sushi was the perfect remedy. And some retail therapy.

We arrived at a local place that I’d tried once before at an unfashionably early time (read: Early Bird Sushi Special Time.)(not really but there should totally have been one), and were the only couple in the restaurant. We ordered an appetizer and 4 rolls, which were all served up in record time.

This is the part that I am proudest of: My boyfriend DESTROYED that sushi. He totally went all Godzilla on it and exacted a reign of terror the likes of which artistically arranged raw fish hasn’t seen in ages. Not really. Between the two of us, we ate Every. Last. Piece. He also rocked the hell out of those chopsticks.

As we were leaving, he gestured at one of the kitschy wall scrolls and said, “’That one totally says ‘Don’t even think about using a fork here. We don’t have them. Just leave.’”


Saturday Night:

Brooke: (walks into bedroom wearing things that are black and lacy)

AB: Ready for sleep?

Brooke: Um? Wearing things that are black and lacy!

AB: ???

Brooke: For Halloween.

AB: ???

Brooke: Trick or treat?


Brooke: nvm.

AB: Oh! Right!


WTF Daylight Savings time?!

Why didn’t I get the memo that with each passing year, the change of time would make me feel older and more middle-aged? Am I due for a midlife crisis already? Or at least a quarter-life crisis? I just passed 25! What does one do in that situation? Certainly not anything as drastic as the midlife crisis, with the hair-dying and affair-having. But something, right??

On Saturday nightm I got into bed at 10:30. But it was really 9:30 because we set the clocks back before we went to sleep so as not to be messed up with driving to Baltimore for a family get-together. Our plans for a “Halloween for Wusses Mini Marathon” went by the wayside because I realized that starting to watch “The Others” at 9:30 (which was actually 8:30) would keep me awake and freaked out. We laid there saying “God. We are in bed at 9:30. On Halloween. To SLEEP. What is WRONG with us?!”

Or last night, after said visit to Baltimore when AB passed out in the car on the way home. And I was full out ASLEEP OUT SNORE SNORE SNORE by 10pm. Because it felt like 11pm. So I missed “MAD MEN”. I could not stay awake for the episode about the Kennedy Assassination because I was way too busy making out with my flannel sheets because the TIME CHANGE OMG BLARGH. Thank Gawd for On Demand, which will allow me to catch up on Don Draper in all his deliciousness.

Now I’m sitting at work SO ready to go home because my brain is telling me “It’s 5:30, are we done yet?! Let’s go to yoga! Yay! No wait, you’re going to be too tired and probably fall asleep during meditation because you’re OLD. And just forget staying up afterward for ‘Mad Men’. Because Daylight Savings Time involves MORE DAYLIGHT which will wake you up earlier because even the damn BIRDS are all confused and being singy and hoppy ‘yay omg it’s daytime why haven’t we migrated yet?!’”

Stupid Birds. Stupid Daylight Savings Time.


Brooke [3:52 PM]:

i just got a pic message from my boyfriend

and i was all “ooo!”

like… “maybe he will be wearing just a hoodie and a smile!”

it was a picture of LOWES.

with the caption “Man Porn Nom.”

to which i had to subtly remind him that PORN is Man Porn.

Danielle [3:53 PM]:



4 thoughts on “Mond-ADD

  1. You totally described my experience with sushi. I was really only “hooked” my second time. But now I can’t get enough. That is so weird. But yeah, I agree with you that not eating sushi would be a deal breaker.

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