This Post is Gratuitous Drivel. And All About You.

Last night I was getting ready to post my Letters of Bitchdom written during the day (side note: There was no PMS involved in the creation of that post. Which is really effing scary when you think about it.), when I happened to look at my stats.

I don’t really make a habit of checking them, even though WordPress organizes them into a neat little graph that’s always visible on my “dashboard” when I sign in. Over the last 4 months, I know that my readership has increased a little from the original 3 people that read my blog back in August.

But yesterday? I got 66 hits. 66 people visited this page. And for someone who has seen the hit counter hover in the single digits for days at a time, that was such an unbelievable pat on the back. I must be doing something right.

After I finished staring at the graph, wondering if there was some kind of system issue and that maybe aliens had hijacked WordPress, I jumped out of my chair, and literally RAN to the bathroom door because I HAD to interrupt Army Boy mid-pee (sorry babe) and tell him.

“That’s AWESOME! Lemme wash my hands, and then I’ll come give you a high-five!” was the response from behind the door. And he did.

When I started doing this in August, I was full of lovely emotions like fear and insecurity, and wondered if there was even a point. Out of the billions of blogs out there, why would someone want to read mine? Especially in September when I realized that the one thing that made me unique, my “online dating experience” was coming to an end- what would be my angle? What would keep me different than the rest of those billions of voices? I imagined myself burning out after a month, having absolutely nothing new and original to say. But oh my gosh- LIFE is funny. And frustrating, and annoying, and full of awkwardness like running into your boyfriend’s parents while buying condoms (omg)… And as long as I could tell it in an interesting way, how could I run out of ideas from that?!

(Note to E-Disharmony: See that above? My online dating has come to an end. Way to SUCK for charging me an automatic renewal fee. You and your damn contract that I may or may not have read completely enough. Assholes.)

Exactly one week ago, I was having a ridiculously busy day and feeling overwhelmed by life. And I got on to post and saw my highest View total ever- 50 hits. I was floored. Stunned. Almost to the point of tears. I didn’t care if 44 of those people had clicked over and gone “ew, ghetto!” and left. Some of you read, and have kept reading.

There are no words for yesterday. I know that there are blogs out there that get thousands of hits daily. Some of my faves get hundreds of comments daily. (And Aunt Becky responds to EVERY ONE. She amazes me.) But I have MY readers. Who I can count on to give me feedback, or heat, or just ooey-gooey love. Tara, from “The 3 Sisters Blog,” Danielle, and Amy from “Extraordinarily Ordinary,” this has been so much fun. (This is where I gesture frantically to the blogroll on the left side of my page. These women are classy and awesome and funny.)

I didn’t anticipate the feeling of “community” that comes with blogging. Army Boy (who has started asking what my favorite bloggers are up to) and I spent all last Saturday quoting The Bloggess. We laughed like assholes last night at Aunt Becky’s post yesterday, and at a video of Amalah’s baby Ezra, who AB is totally smitten with. In a non-pervy, but “Gee I’m almost 30 and want to get on that procreating thing” way.

I didn’t know whether I should post about the fact that I’m seeing a little more traffic, and have some “regulars” (*squee*), much like you don’t want to brag about your salary or that you just went up a cup size… But I want to say THANK YOU. Thank you for thinking that I have something worth reading. Whether you’re reader #3 or #66 for the day.

And now, because I can’t write an entire entry sounding mature and sane, some highlights from today:

Best Idea I Had Today: Muffin with Egg, Cheese and Salsa for breakfast

Best Idea I Had Today That Went Horribly Wrong: Pumpkin Spice Latte that tasted like bathwater

Worst Idea I Had Today: Tomato Soup. Cream Top. Nuff Said.

Worse Idea Than That: Add Stairs. HahahahaI’manasshole.

Thing That Made Me Happiest Today: Curling up in Army Boy’s shirt and going back to sleep after he left at 5am. Because DUH. 5am? Really?

Thing That Annoyed Me Most Today: One thing? I want me to pick one thing? What the hell is wrong with you, me?!


Thing That Annoyed Me Most Today: The steady trickle of auths from the call center because just when I thought I was caught up, another one would appear out of the magical ether and I’d have to work more. Eff working.

What I Really Want to do Right Now: Go home. Put on PJs. Couch. Done.

What I Really Don’t Want to do Right Now: Drive past home. Go for nail appt. Drive home. Unpack. Repack. Be done with life around 10pm.

What I Will Do About It: Bitch. And Bitch Some More. And expect sympathy from the Internet.


4 thoughts on “This Post is Gratuitous Drivel. And All About You.

  1. Wow! I don’t know what to say. You mentioned me in your post and added my blog to your blogroll! How awesome is that?! And how awesome are you?! Thanks so much. Continue on with your gratuitous drivel. I don’t mind. 😉

    Love that Army Boy washed his hands. I would expect and demand nothing less.

  2. Hey! Thanks for the shout out. I think you’re on my blogroll… you’re on my favorites her on my Internet Explorer. Doesn’t help you out much, though, so if you’re not there you will be by day’s end.

    I love coming here and reading your drivel. It cracks me up. So thanks for doing it. And I totally know how you feel about the readers thing. I have tried my hand at blogging no less than about 4 or 5 times… to no avail and even worse to no readers. For some reason this time it’s taken off. I think I have Jenny the Bloggess and Allie at Hyperbole and a Half to thank for that. But I’m enjoying it so much more. Readers give me a reason to blog and I love it. I only started mid-October, so on a good day I’m only getting to like 10. Though one day it was 33. Must have been a full moon.

    • That’s exactly it. My stats are totally schizo, but it’s ok. It started out as just showing my girlfriends how online dating was going, so anyone else that finds their way here is awesome. 🙂

  3. I got shouted out! YAY! And building a community is so important, I think. People are always all, “HOW DO YOU GET SO MANY COMMENTS?” and I’m all, “well, those are my friends, fuckwad.”

    (some people get kinda pissy about it)

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