In Which I Learn NOT To Go To Target Over Lunch

Now that I am back among the coherent world of the living, and my dear pink tweed bunny friends have left for the foreseeable future, I am back out in the world and back to work.

I also needed to get a prescription filled that was written the other night (not for anything good like, oh… Vicodin or Imitrex or anything. Don’t be jealous). Since Wednesdays are Date Nights with Army Boy, I wanted to have all my errands out of the way so that when 6pm arrived, it was time for relaxing. Especially this week, when we’d missed our usual Tuesday dinner date.

I decided to run over to the Target that is less than 5 minutes from the Lego Block of Doom to get my rx filled over my lunch. The girls there were quick and efficient, even calling my Dr because the rx was unclear. I ran into the store for 5 minutes to pick up a couple of things for dinner, then returned to the pharmacy because the scrip was ready.

A nice young girl was ringing out my order, when another woman about my age came up to the “drop off” window. Forgive me all, but she was the typical “Shallow Blonde.” She had her designer bag, her designer shoes, her designer highlights and her designer Starbucks Frozen Coffee Drink. (Trust me. I am justified in being judgy.) She gave the Young Girl her prescription, and the girl said “Just so you know, we’re closing for lunch in two minutes. This won’t be ready until 2:30pm.”

“What time are you open until tonight?” Shallow Blonde asked snottily.

“9:30,” Young Girl replied helpfully.

“God, this is ridiculous. Why won’t you just fill it? I get this filled here ALL THE TIME,” Shallow Blonde snapped. Young Girl looked taken aback, and I’m sure my mouth was hanging open as well.

“I’ll check with our pharmacist,” Young Girl offered. She turned back to me to finish ringing up my order, and laughed at the look on my face. Meanwhile, Shallow Blonde continue muttering bitchy things just loudly enough for us to hear them.

Note: HELLO. I am a pharmacy tech. You do NOT screw with the girls who work in retail pharmacy in front of me, because I’ve been there, done that, didn’t get the teeshirt. Some pharmacies close for lunch. It’s a fact of the world. Sure, it’s not that convenient. But they are also open for more than 12 hours straight, and sometimes only one pharmacist works all day. How the hell does someone go through life with that sense of entitlement?!

This is the type of situation that makes me WISH that I had more balls. In a Perfect World, I would have turned to her, with a fake smile and said “Oh GEE, Maybe if you hadn’t had to stop for your Super Skinny Frozen Skim Latte with Extra Nonfat Whipped Cream, you would have had time to get your scrip filled.”

Or “Oh, I didn’t realize that you were SPECIAL. Please Young Girl, help her before me. She deserves it.”

As it was, I just called out, “Thanks so much, you guys were great!” before walking away.

THEN. Oh then.

I ran to the register to get my other purchases because I FELT GUILTY making the pharmacy tech ring me up when they were closing for lunch. Even though another stop would mean me getting back after my lunch was up. Oh well. Sometimes life doesn’t work out perfectly.

I was finished getting rung up, and headed to the basket rack while juggling my keys, phone, basket, prescription, and two shopping bags (one containing a glass bottle), when a woman walked DIRECTLY in front of me, causing me to twist sideways off my heels and almost drop everything.

“Oh Ehm Gee, Vicky,” Princess Oblivious was saying as she breezed by. “I don’t know how you’re managing all that.”

“Vicky” was carrying a coffee and a box containing coffee filters.

HELLO!!!! Woman standing RIGHT HERE managing a whole HELL of a lot more than OMGVICKY. If you had your head out of your ASS for one minute you would have noticed that.

So I took my EVOO* and bashed her in the head, spilling her stupid coffee all over her and OMGVICKY.

Not really. Wish I would have. Again, damn the lack of balls.


And that is the story of why I will not go to Target during lunch again. Because being in a situation where people are being completely self-centered and oblivious, and cannot be bothered to worry about anything outside their own bubble (including other people) annoys the ever-living crap out of me**.

*-Extra Virgin Olive Oil, for those not familiar with Food Network-speak

**- Where did that expression even come from? Crap isn’t living at all. It is crap. Unless you count the bacteria and stuff. Hmm.




3 thoughts on “In Which I Learn NOT To Go To Target Over Lunch

  1. Oh and just as a response to Army Boy, not that I don’t think he’s the bee’s knees because he certainly seems to be, but no one close enough to the car to READ that it says LOTUS still thinks it’s a FERARRI. :o) You’re right. He WAS just mad that I was right.

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