You Are All Lining Up to be My BFF

Brooke [2:09 PM]:

why does it seem like cuts hurt more when you get old?

Danielle [2:10 PM]:

like paper cuts….those always hurt….no matter when

Brooke [2:12 PM]:

i know!

this morning, after AB left for work

and BROOKE tried to go back to bed

she decided that it would be a good idea to put his shirt on to fall asleep

and went to the end of the bed to grab it from where it was placed (thrown, wink wink nudge nudge) last night

and forgot that she’s an idiot that tips over alot

and hence tipped over while grabbing the shirt and scratched her knuckes up on the drywall


Danielle [2:14 PM]:


Brooke [2:14 PM]:


they hurt.

Danielle [2:14 PM]:

did you txt him that yet?

Brooke [2:14 PM]:



Danielle [2:14 PM]:

tell him you bled on his shirt

Brooke [2:15 PM]:

i didn’t know it was actual scrapage, just “gah, that hurt!”

and fell asleep

and THEN saw in the shower

with the hot water and the SHAMPOO


“oh look, broke the skin with that one.”

in conclusion, OWSHIT.


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