Wondering How Some People Function

Overheard in passing:

“And, like, then I told her about the time I forgot how to spell ‘of’ and put ‘U-V’. That’s not right, hahahahaha”

That’s really all there is to say today.


4 thoughts on “Wondering How Some People Function

  1. HA!! There’s a simple word that I initially spell wrong all the time. Totally type it phonetically and then feel like an idiot. I definitely don’t tell anyone about it though… and I’d never tell anyone that I told someone else about it. Actually, right now I can’t even remember what it is… really. Not just because I don’t want anyone to know. I really don’t remember because it’s totally unexpected when it happens. Or… maybe I just really don’t want to say. No. I forget.

  2. I totally did that in 1st grade. No joke. I was writing “ov” in my little creative writing story…and every time I wrote it I was like, “this isn’t right…HOW DO YOU SPELL THIS?!?”

    I figured it out…and had to erase all my “v’s” and make “f’s”

    I also had the damnest time making cursive J’s. Which, is almost ironic.

  3. Haha! I remember during grade school one summer (when everything falls out of your brain), I couldn’t remember how to spell “was.” I kept saying it out loud thinking there was a “z” in it. My sister eventually had to tell me how to spell it.

  4. Okaaaaay. I admit it. My word was “only.” One day I started saying it and suddenly didn’t sound like a word anymore. I’ve never quite lost that feeling.

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