Tales From The Frat House, Part the Second

(scene: Brooke, sitting in her cubicle, working. Cool Female Pharmacist walks by, and pauses at Brooke’s desk. She is staring at the cover of the new Nora Roberts book, “Bed of Roses”.)

Not ACTUALLY about a lesbian foursome. Sorry.

Cool Female Pharmacist: Is this the second one in the series?!

Brooke: YES. I was so psyched to see it last weekend at Target.

CFP: Ooo, I’m going to have to get that.

Brooke: Seriously, the woman’s a genius. Four female friends find love. AND they run a wedding planning business, so you get to read about tons of weddings. *squee*

CFP: Totally. It’s like ‘Ok, I’m just going to burn a Saturday and read that.’

Brooke: Can I just say, I feel vindicated that someone besides me is reading trash?

(Cool Female Pharmacist grins and walks away. Seconds later, Yankees Fan walks over. Picks up book.)

Yankees Fan: So… Four women find love… with each other??? Because I’d be ALL OVER THAT. Like, wouldn’t even need the Target discount. I’d pay full price!

Brooke: *headdesk*



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