You Know What the Microphone Means….

I am so ridiculously excited about this… It’s my first experience that makes me feel like a “legitimate” blogger.  I decided to grow a pair and participate in the Great Interview Experiment over at Citizen of the Month.

I was lucky enough to comment directly below Tori, from Gigi’s Consignment Closet. We had a bit of delightful banter, such as “how does diz blogging fing wurk?!” before we  got down to business. Not only does she have a fabulous sense of style, she’s a blast to talk to as well.

Just ignore the awkward interviewer, mkay?

You mention that reading is a passion of yours. Did you ever consider opening a used book store or something similar when deciding to go into business? What would you consider your top five favorite reads?

I love to read. It is the only thing that keeps me from running naked down the street screaming “my preciousssss…where is my preciousssss???”

I used to work in a used bookstore. I. LOVED. IT. I got paid crap but I could read anything and everything (new & used) for free. I think I never ventured into that biz because I would never get anything done. lol I’d just sit there, read and let everyone steal from me.

You just named my. dream. job. I have secret fantasies of running off to somewhere remote and touristy, like Block Island or Lake Placid and working in an independent bookstore until I’m old and grey. Or broke. Whichever happens first. In fact, I make it a point whenever I go on vacation to find and independent bookstore in the area, and make that the souvenir from my trip. Ok, I’ll stop interrupting now.

My fav top reads. Hmmm that’s a hard one. I have so many.

The top 5 books or series I read & reread over and over are:

1. The Black Jewels Trilogy by Anne Bishop  (*Brooke squeee!!!*)

2. The Kate Danials Series by ilona Andrews.

3. A Boy’s Life by Robert McCammon

4. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

5. A Wrinkle in Time – Madeleine L’Engle

Oh man. Madeleine L’Engle’s books were some of the first that pushed me into writing.  And “The Black Jewels Trilogy?” We just may be soulmates…  I see that you list Sherrilyn Kenyon among your favorite authors. Would this be for her Dark Hunter series? (NOM) If so, which book was your favorite so far? And have you read any of her other offerings under her pseudonym, Kinley MacGregor? (Heck, I don’t know which is actually her real name. I wish I could play that game.)

Yes. Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunter series totally rocks. I adore them all. My fav book, which gets me ragged on by the other drunks in my bookclub, is Silent Night. I love Striker. He’s so bad and yummy! Actually, this is the only series of her’s I’ve read. I never got into the B.A.D.or the Lords of Avalon series.

I tend to gravitate towards weirdness. I used to be all into historical romances till I got tired of the…”I am going to kidnap you, humiliate you, force you to have sex with me-then you will fall madly in love with me but then someone tells me a vicious rumor about you and I toss you away only to realize the deception but by then your wasting away in some cottage conveniently near and only my “love”can save you and you forgive me for being a complete arsehole- then we marry and have 3.5 kids.”That crap annoys me. It makes me want to stab my eyes out with icepicks.

I like my characters to kick arse now and take names later.

I would love to be able to do things under different names. Oh wait, I do that already. lol

I totally agree. I’m particularly in love with The Bridgerton Series by Julia Quinn. Great mix of humor, romance, and the manly man stereotype.

Your blog has an interesting mix both of your merchandise and your opinions on Pop Culture. I’ve noticed a recurring theme of Jon and Kate Gosselin appearing in the mockage. Being a Jon and Ka-hater myself, I’d like to give you an opportunity to air your gripes with both of them. Aside from the obvious pimp earrings and bad hair. 😉

Well, it’s the whole reality thing that annoys me. I have never been a fan of them. I think that hell would be permanently stuck on a reality show. If you’re  REALLY bad you’ll be stuck with Jon, Kate, and David Hasselhoff. ACK!!! But seriously, why would you air your dirty laundry to millions of folks? The fact that you put your needs & wants above what’s best for your family is shameful. And then you televise it. They had their 8 kids and jumped on the realty bus without really thinking beyond, “OMG, how are we gonna pay for these kids.” Then she had to go get that dumbarse haircut and that just did it for me.

Though, I have to admit I do like Wipeout. That show cracks me up.

*snorting back laughter* Stop Tori. “Everyone wants that haircut.” Duh.

Ok, so what originally drew you to blogging?

I saw everyone else doing it and thought, “Hey, that looks really easy.” Boy, was I a dumbarse. lol I have a lot to say and my family got tired of listening to me. Funny, the internet treats me a lot like my family.

I’ve found the same things. Let’s pause for a hug…. Aaaand moving on. 😉

Were you primarily looking for a way to share your merchandise, or did you begin by reading blogs and think, “Hey, I have something new to contribute”?

I actually started blogging to get my frustrations out. I am a SAHM in the country. I am by myself a lot. I needed a sounding bored. But…and I learned this the hard way…don’t blog about family problems unless you’re anonymous. I had a lot of misunderstandings and hurt feelings so I closed that blog and just kept up with the clothing blog. I blogged a long time on eBay but they closed that so I just moved it over to blogspot. Which I really needed to do that anyway. So thanks eBay.

But you can see I really have a hard time with just blogging fashion. My other personalities need to vent. 🙂

The clothing blog though is a form of advertising to me. There are so many people and clothing sites on the web that the competition is ruthless. You have to make yourself visible anyway you can.

Amen to that. I’m still working through that balance between personal life and just telling amusing stories… It seems like you get some fabulous brand/designer names in your shop.

Thank you! I try.  I love someone to love on my store.

Which ones make you go “squee!” and debate not selling the piece at all?

Pucci, Hermes, Prada, McQueen, Gaultier, Lanvin, Galliano. All those would have me drooling, cackling like a witch, and muttering to myself, “Precious….my lovely precious”.

I would hold for a while just to enjoy saying, in a snooty Grey Poupon voice, “Why yes, this is a Lanvin original.”

But unless I’m going to wear or use it a lot, I don’t keep it. I’m here to sell, not collect. Though I am in love with Chloe so if I find in my size, it’s hard to let go.

I am the original Gap girl. I have a storage room full of couture and I dress like an 80s reject.

*looks guilitly at wardrobe made up primarily of Gap…*

What are some fashion trends that in your opinion are classic/should never go out of style?

A white button up shirt, black slim cut pants, a little black dress, ballet flats, a pearl necklace, a good quality watch, a fitted blazer, a well fitted pair of jeans, and a bright solid color cashmere scarf.

Likewise, are there any trends that you feel should be buried for the ages and never ever EVER return?

Stirrup pants & leggings- If you’re over 8, let it go.

Anything with shoulder pads. They make you look like a man-woman.

Acid wash anything. It didn’t look good in the 8os and it looks like crap now.

High waist jeans. Why do you want to wear your jeans under your boobs?

Rolling up your jeans. I don’t care what TomKat does, it look stupid.

Jelly shoes. Need I say more?

(Um, ew. Jellies annoyed me. The sweatage and the slippage and the stones in your shoes…That sounded alot dirtier than I intended it to, actually.)

Legwarmers. You are not Jennifer Beale.

Jumpsuits & rompers. Who wants to see camel toe. Yuck.

That is officially the first time “camel toe” has appeared on my blog. I think I need to get you a plaque for that, or something.

Hammer pants. You look like you dropped a load in your pants.

Showing your bra straps under tank tops. No need to advertise that you’re white trash.

Women over the age of 3o who wear pigtails.Ya, I said it.

Hmmmm, hello tomorrows blog post. 🙂

I feel slightly reassured that I do none of those things. Though I may be slightly boring, at least I don’t offend the world.

My boyfriend Army Boy has introduced me to the wonders of Rock Band. I must say, I SUCK at guitar. Are you looking for a good bass player?

Sure, come on down. We’ll rock out the 80’s tunes. I play a mean Loverboy cover. lol Just don’t ask for the mic. The little one is vicious about sharing the mike and I won’t be held responsible for what she might do to keep it.

It looks like our blogs are roughly the same age. What do you find are some of the challenges of starting a new blog, and what have you done to attract new readers?

Biggest challange? I’m not Dooce. And I’m pretty sure pretending to be her is illegal.

Bahahaha!!! As if in response to you, she was just a question on JEOPARDY. We’re all effing doomed.

Like I said. I practically ho myself out to attract followers. I have 1 so far. And she is a friend that felt sorry for me 😦 I am constantly tweeting & facebooking. I stalk a lot of blogs I admire and comment on them. After 6 months, I am finally getting replies to my comments. YEA me!

I have joined blog sites to promote my blog. You can see where under Networking on my blog. I link to myself in my emails. I am the biggest PITA when it comes to pimping my blog. But in a nice nonthreatening way. 🙂

That seems to be the best and only advice. If you want to get hits, get yourself out there. Well Tori, this has been awesome. I’m so glad that I grew a set and signed up, and that timing worked out that I got to meet a fabulous new bloggy friend. 🙂

Thanks a lot sweetie. It was fun. 🙂

So there you have it, folks! Again, that was Tori from Gigi’s Consignment Closet. Go over and check out her great mix of writing and merchandise. I am certainly not the next Barbara Walters. And possibly not even the next Jenna Bush Hager. But it was super-fun, and I’m definitely looking forward to getting interviewed by Kim over at Mosey Along! Her blog is both visually gorgeous and her writing is beautiful and poetic. It’s going to be a huge treat. I’ll make sure to post a link when the interview goes up.

Now I’m off to the final concert of the Singers season!

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  1. She has a few that are classified as “adult fiction” rather than young adult, and I always mean to pick them up. I loved the books about the Austin family, with their closeness and Vicky’s opportunity to work with marine biology. I was utterly convinced in middle school that I was going to be a marine biologist. Then realized that there are no oceans in PA.

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