Maybe I Am The Biggest Grinch Ever.

Today, I logged on to Facebook and saw THIS in my invitations:

Yes, someone was thoughtful enough to invite me to “Christmas.”

Location? “All over the world.”

Did they expect that I’d jump up and down and go “YES!!! I got invited! To Christmas!” Screw y’all. Imma celebrate whether you invite me or not.

For the love of God people. Literally. What is the effing point of posting ON FACEBOOK that you’re attending Christmas? Is it not enough that, oh, people know it’s December Twenty-freakin-fifth? You need that little note on your wall that “Brooke is attending CHRISTMAS!! *cheesy thumbs up*” Not to mention the sheer balls it takes to send out an invite to all of your friends.

Shit, I’m CATHOLIC. Nobody is happier about the birth of Jesus than we are. In fact, we’re so happy about it that we feel guilty and go to confession.

What if I’m not attending Christmas this year because I’m oh, ya know… Jewish. Or celebrating Kwanzaa. Or my whole family died in a horrible accident at a gingerbread house competition involving royal icing and flame throwers and I just can’t stand to look at another Christmas decoration?

I’m going to select “maybe” just to be an asshole.

PS- Kim has posted her interview with me over at Mosey Along, and she made me sound so. totally. cool. Like, I read it and was like “dude! i would click on me if i were me… wait…brain asplode…” But yeah! Visit her, because she is lovely and I was so lucky to comment before her. 😀


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