If These Were New Year’s Resolutions, I’d Fail Big-Time. But They’re Not. Which Must Mean I’m Awesome.

For some reason lately I’ve been finding myself doing a lot of “firsts.” I can’t say that I’ve really given any thought to it, or that it was remotely intentional. But this morning, as I put on my new cranberry-colored flats, that were the first dress shoes I’ve bought that were not black, brown or neutral colored, some things started standing out to me. (Argh! Not only do I read a lot, I am insanely practical. And, um, poor.)

I bought my first blu-ray on Black Friday. Because you’re dying to know, it was “Gone With the Wind.” Stop judging. It’s one of my favorites. You can’t mess with the classics, and it’s been re-released this year in honor of its anniversary.

I made my first purchase from Victoria’s Secret that was not pajamas. Or “clothing” per se. You see what I’m getting at?

I finally lost my Etsy virginity. I discovered this shop last Friday and just knew that I had to make some purchases. Apparently I have good taste, because when I sent the link to Danielle she went ga-ga and promptly placed her order too. We were both all *squee!* today at work when we received our confirmation emails that our orders had shipped. Seriously, I am dying to get in the shower with the Hot Apple Pie body scrub.

I ate at a German pub on Saturday night with Army boy and some friends from Singers. Let me tell you, any place that has a category of the menu solely dedicated to “sausages” is going to be a fun time. I ordered a pint of a German beer I’d never tried because dammit. It was on tap. And it was good.

That bear was a WICKED funny drunk.

Maybe it was the beer, but when my friend offered me a bite of her “traditional German food,” I didn’t hestitate. Even though it looked like balls.

I can’t say that there has been any conscious decision on my part to “try new things” or “enrich myself.” Maybe more opportunities have been presenting themselves. Not to get all weird and hippie-ish, but maybe someone out there knows that 2010 is going to be a big year for me, and I’m getting little opportunities to become more flexible and explore the person I’m going to become. (I’m not kidding. There are going to be a TON of new things coming up. Life-changing things. Which could be of the scary variety, I guess. But right now, I’m just excited.)

(Ok, one thing I can say is “it’s not babies.” Even though my ovaries are like ‘HELLO! We have been ovarizing for 13 years!” Any my childbearing hips are crying and all “The hell, we want to start bearing stuff!”)

One can’t help but reflect on the past year as they’re staring the next in the face. All of a sudden, it’s almost 2010. I’m unbelievably pumped for it, but as I look back on my last 2 single years, I feel a little proud. Last year, I made real set-in-stone New Years Resolutions. And KEPT THEM. 2009 was the year to “get more active,” and I started taking yoga and stuck with it all year. I also did (gag gag gag)more cardio. And lost weight. I continued with the band, and Singers, and took myself out to the movies and dinner. Finally, I signed up for online dating because I was tired of waiting for life to “happen to me.” And dammit, it chose that time to happen anyway. Not that I’m complaining.

You thought I was kidding?

(Geez, I still feel you saying “What are the changes!? What are the changes?! Can I have ice cream now?!” For starters, I’ve got 2 vacations lined up with Army Boy… one a family trip to New England (you may start praying, oh, now. Thanks.) )

Crap. I didn’t want this to get all sentimental or reflective. I just meant to say, “I tried new stuff, and it was fun.” Maybe it will encourage anyone who reads to “try new stuff too. Even if it looks like balls.”


5 thoughts on “If These Were New Year’s Resolutions, I’d Fail Big-Time. But They’re Not. Which Must Mean I’m Awesome.

  1. Ok, first… great post. I’ve already been thinking about my end of year post for my blog. And second. My husband has been talking about finding a German restaurant with authentic German food for like three months. Given that you and I apparently live pretty close together, what was the name of it? I got so excited when I read your post I was like “Hon!! This girl, Brooke, you don’t know her, she’s the one I told you about with the guy who I said would think your Lotus was a Ferrari and he DID, remember?? She went to a German pub!” He looked at me for a second like he couldn’t figure out all the words that had just flown out of my mouth and the was like, “um, you think you might want to ask her what it was? Like NOW??” So here I am. Asking. :o)

  2. …and a trip to Iowa City for the most awesome wedding ever!

    P.S. I cant wait for the day I talk to you at work and bubbles start coming out of my nose….and we’ll know why….blame the chocolate drizzle cream soap…yum!

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