My Boyfriend Wants To Make Me Look Bad. Not Happening.

Sometime without having conversed about it at all, Army Boy and I decided that we were buying gifts for each others’ families this year. He gets off relatively easy, since it’s just Mom and Dad and I. He, however, has two older brothers. That are boys. And difficult to buy for.

For some reason, I think that he knows that I am full of Awesome when it comes to buying Christmas gifts, and is deliberately being unhelpful at every turn to sabotage me. For Brother K, whom I have only conversed over Facebook with, he got a list of blu-rays. Which he ordered from and then deleted. Without letting me see it. I know. He’s totally a jerk. adorable.

This evening, I was doing my last minute frantic mental listmaking, just to be sure that I am in fact DONE my shopping. When I was reminded yet again that I have nothing for K, or Brother J, who is a notorious homebody, and computer genius.

I texted Army Boy:

Me: Did you get any reply [from your parents] about K’s list? (unsaid: THAT YOU DELETED BECAUSE YOU HATE ME)

Army Boy: No, I’ll have to get that tonite.

Me: Was (top secret movie) on it? Because I found the blu-ray like he wanted and am totally going to order it.

Army Boy: Sounds good.

Me: And what about J? Do you think “District 9” would be good? He likes sci-fi and aliens and such. And it’s about aliens. And such.

Army Boy: I dunno…

Me: Fine. He’s getting porn.

Army Boy: Ew.

Me: What?! Single guys need lovin’ too. However they get it.

Army Boy: Yea, yea

Me: Was that “yea” as in “You should totally get him tickets to The Slutcracker”?

Army Boy: You do whatever… but leave me out.

Me: You just want me to get him a sucky gift. Jerk.

I think that means we’re fighting. Hopefully we stop soon enough for him to give me some ideas.

PS– must give credit to That Kind of Girl for the “Slutcracker” idea. I am not nearly that cool.

Updated: While formatting this post, I said “I’m tempted to make this Red and Green for Christmas.”

“You get to be red, because you’re the devil,” Army Boy suggested.

Guess we’re still fighting.

Updated Some More: “If you post that we’re fighting, you’re sleeping on the couch. And it’s going to snow tonite.” Bastard.


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