You Know It’s Been A Good Weekend When There’s Frosting On Your iPod

Ohmahgawd Internet. My brain has officially turned to red-and-green mush with glitter on top. I feel like I’ve regressed back to being about ten years old, when you knew that Christmas vacation was coming and you were completely unable to concentrate on anything remotely resembling school. Except instead of school right now? It’s work.

Honestly. My staff meeting this week sounded kinda like “blah blah blah blah blah blah blah…” And forced me to message Danielle and say “I don’t understand ONE WORD of what is being said. My brain is done.” Which sucks because this is the time of year when we Pharmacy Goons most need to be on our game.

(Instead of being Danielle Overachiever and explaining for my dumb ass, she agreed with me, and then commiserated that she had eaten Puppy Chow for breakfast. This is why we’re long-lost sisters.)(By “Puppy Chow” I mean the delicious snack made with Chex, chocolate chips and peanut butter. Not actual dog food. I’m not sure I would feel so sisterly if she was actually eating dog food.)


To make a long story short, this weekend it snowed. A LOT. Army Boy and I were effectively snowed in Saturday. But we certainly made the most of it.

(OMG! Pervs. Not that.)(Well. Maybe. A little.)(WHAT IT WAS COLD.)

We took a walk in the snow, and reminisced how we used to do the same thing when we were in middle school.

We watched movies, and had French toast with a banana-rum sauce for dinner.

We built gingerbread houses with graham crackers.

Mine on the left, Army Boy's on the right

I learned that you don’t build gingerbread houses with someone with a carpentry background. Because they will show you up.

I dared him to make a bi-level. He did. With effing structural support.

Seriously, if TMI were to go right now? That house would still be standing.

Whatever. Mine had Sourpatch Kids making out beneath an arbor. I’m not competitive or anything.


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