Scenes From The Bedroom- The Sequel

(Army Boy’s Bedroom. Brooke and Army boy are lazing in bed the morning after Christmas, looking slightly like death warmed over after too many family Christmas gatherings.)

(They have decided to start their ‘vacation’ by watching the new “Family Guy” movie, “Something something something Dark Side.”)

Army Boy: Oh YEAH. There’s a super star destroyer.

Brooke: (looking at him, confused.) WHAT did you say?

AB: Super Star destroyer? The arrow-looking ship?

Brooke: Yeah… I didn’t know you were, you know.

AB: What?!

Brooke: A Star Wars nerd.

AB: I grew up with Brother K. What do you expect?

Brooke: Good point. (thinks to herself: Um, how did I never know he was a Star Wars nerd? And I am a Star Wars Nerd? Wtf, self?)

(They continue to watch in silence)

AB: Hey look, a Calamarian cruiser.

Brooke: No. I don’t think that’s what that is.

AB: You’re right, I think it’s just a transport ship.

(More silence)

Brooke: Oooh! Ooooh! What’s the name of THAT ship!? (Points to iconic ship belonging to the bounty hunter Boba Fett)

AB: Um…. Um….

Brooke: HA! BOOYAH! SLAVE ONE! In your FACE!

(I am not a know-it-all.)

(Ok, maybe a little.)

(But look how nerdy and compatible we are. *waits for collective ‘awww’ from Internet*)


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