I May Need A 12-Step Program. For Bath Products.

About a month ago I posted my “December Firsts,” not the least of which was that I woman-ed up and made my first purchase from Etsy™.

Big mistake. Big, BIG mistake.

I think I may have a problem. Officially.

Chocolate drizzle body butter... mmmm

The first purchase that I made was from You Stink Soap,and I’ve totally fallen in love with her products. I admit, I was initially attracted right away to the name- “You Stink? For Soap!? Hahahaha!” Once I started looking through the amazing products that she has, it was just a matter of choosing what looked yummiest.

Perhaps it’s because of the frigid weather in PA lately, but I’ve been drawn to “food scents” when showering and getting ready in the morning. Something about smelling like baked goods makes me feel a little warmer. Yes, am crazy. One awesome thing about You Stink is that Sandy offers both full-sized (8-10 oz) and travel-sized (2 oz) products, so I was able to purchase a variety of scents and figure out what I liked best.

Except that everything smells AMAZING. Pink Birthday Cake, Hot Apple Pie, Pumpkin Cheesecake (Don’t get me started on the Pumpkin Cheesecake, OMG. OMGOMG. You can smell the warm pumpkin, delicious spices and a hint of graham cracker crust. The best part? Sandy totally noticed that I was slightly obsessed and buying tons of it, and sent me a solid perfume with my last order. Mmmm.)… I officially can’t live without the whipped cream soap, which is amazingly foamy on a pouf and smells divine, the rich body butter and the body polish.

Five minutes after I discovered the store, I forwarded the link to Danielle, who promptly placed an order too. She went straight for the Chocolate Drizzle scent, which smells like fresh baked brownies. As tempting as it may be to taste the lotion, it is not recommended. Just saying.

Even Army Boy is supportive of my purchases, saying that he can still smell them in the bathroom when he gets home in the afternoon.

Lately, with how hectic things have been, it’s been totally worth it to have amazing bath products standing by for some free time. Even if I’m working all day, then going straight to dinner and practice and not getting home until 10pm, it’s nice to feel that I’m taking 10 minutes in the shower in the morning and making the most of that “me time.”

Since having such a positive experience with You Stink, I’ve spent some free time browsing and watching the unique items that sellers are posting. I’m currently impatiently watching for my next purchase, a sterling silver necklace with a little cluster of pearls as a pendant.

Almost too pretty to use...

The amazing thing about Etsy is that no matter what you’re looking for, from paper goods to clothing, baked goods to original photographs, there’s something for every taste.

Now does anyone have suggestions on how to stop?!

(** images are from YouStink’s shop. Mmmm.**)


3 thoughts on “I May Need A 12-Step Program. For Bath Products.

  1. No. I don’t have ANY advice on how to stop. I read that first post about “You Stink” and have so far successfully forbidden myself from even LOOKING at Etsy since then. And I LOVE etsy, so you can imagine the sacrifice. I know if I go to etsy, I’ll go to her shop, and come out with ten eight-hundred items… and a 2nd mortgage on my house.

  2. I ‘heart’ you stink soap. And Sandy is awesome. She played detective to help me find the soap that was sent with my first order.

    And chocolate drizzle is magnificent….I have to hide it from London as she apparently loves the scent too….and will attempt to lick it off your hands, elbows, etc.

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