Home is Where the Less-Than-Three Is

Here at TxtingMrDarcy, when we decide to do something, we do it FAST.

Except for, like, maybe The Sex. Because sometimes that’s just not cool.

See? That was a tangent. And it took me only one sentence to both overshare AND completely get off topic. I’m back now. Promise.

Since changing our focus to House Hunting, Army Boy and I pursued it with an almost rabid determination.

Sort of like My Fascination with Random Capital Letters.

See? Did it again. Damn Tangents.

Anyway, it appears that we were, in fact, successful adults. In the next few weeks, we will be preparing for the inhabitation and introduction of “Casa TxtingMrDarcy.”

In other words, WE BOUGHT A HOUSE.


Of course, we’ll know more after the inspection (YES, I watch my HGTV and TLC, dammit!) and other arrangements later this week. But the important thing is that after a weekend of incredible OMG and omg and OMGNOWAY and omgcrap… We made an offer and it was accepted.

I now return you to your normal, non-ADD Tuesday morning.

(ps- is ‘inhabitation’ even a word? do i even care? shit, i’m TIRED.)


6 thoughts on “Home is Where the Less-Than-Three Is

  1. Congratulations!! Keeping my fingers crossed for your inspection. And try to get a 1 yr home guarantee from the seller. I can’t even tell you how many things we found wrong in the first year after we bought our house.

  2. I am still so happy for you guys. And I totally agree with above. Home warranty is nice. Granted, we haven’t been able to use it yet…but…it will come in handy come spring time as our air conditioner will be replaced. (SCORE!)

    Until then…I will encourage you to have fun. Enjoy this. It actually is a fun ride.

  3. Wow… moving ahead at blistering speed! How amazing – congratulations on finding your first home. And I agree with the home warranty – our house needed a new furnace in the first year and we couldn’t have afforded one otherwise….

  4. Thank you all for the advice- We DID end up with a one year warranty, which is great. We do have an older furnace in the basement which was Dad’s only concern. I’ll have some pics after I force Army Boy to take the camera to the inspection on friday. 🙂

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