Things That Make You Go “Hmmm…”

Fifteen years ago, you signed my sixth grade yearbook…

Clearly, it was "love" even then.

This week we signed a mortgage application together.

Life never fails to surprise me.


5 thoughts on “Things That Make You Go “Hmmm…”

    • Hmmm… while a simple misspelling is the obvious answer, I choose to believe that it’s an archaic PA form of currency involving pigs feet. Something worse than a scream, clearly.

    • hehe. Yeah, it creeped me out a little when we found it Christmas night.

      “Hey, I wonder if I have my old yearbooks from when we were friends as Little Brooke and Little Army Boy…”

      “Whoooooaaaa… you wrote me a POEM. And were kinda jerky.”

      “That meant I liked you. See, I changed pen colors.”

      “…boys are weird.”

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