Of Course I Can Handle Another Foot… Of SNOW.

Wow. I feel like a 90-year old just typing this, and can’t really believe that I’m going to blog about weather. But alas, it’s kinda a big deal here in our neck of the woods lately. As you could tell in December, when we got almost a foot of snow, it’s been a while since we’ve gotten the kind of snow that I remember from when I was a little Brooke. (aka back in the 90’s.)

This Saturday, we got blizzarded on during the night and woke up to nearly 2 feet of snow outside. The clearing out process took Army Boy, Brother J and myself two afternoons to complete, and many fortifying meals (shockingly, prepared by yours truly!)(more on them later. Nom) and hot showers to ease sore muscles. From. SHOVELING. Geeeez.

And today? 3 days later?

We’re in the path for another 12-18 inches.

Seriously, it’s like seeing a vision of my 80-year-old self. I am completely hypnotized by watching the map on Weather.com… Seeing the little ominous swath of light blue that means SNOWNAMI!!!! inching inorexibly closer and closer to the little wonky diamond representing my county on the PA map… No! I cannot do ACTUAL work! I need to keep checking on with the Weather Channel! We’re going to get HAMMERED, people!


Because of the lovely internet, I’m able to work from home as long as I have a computer and a signal. The snow days that were lovely and magical as a child are definitely a thing of the past.

Now I’m more thinking about how it will impact my schedule for the week- will I be able to see Army Boy for our usual dates? Will we still have Singers rehearsal? Will everything be dug out enough for me to make an appointment on Thursday?

And of course because I’m still “young! And in lurve!” part of me is thinking “Do I have time to make it home tonight, pack a quick overnight bag and get back to Army Boy’s before the storm starts in earnest?”

(Yes. In my head I really do say things like “in earnest.” I am such a geek.)

Worse than that? I am thinking about the many magical packages I have on the way as we speak from magnificent Amazon.com… My coffeemaker, toaster, and other vital house objects… Maybe some treats for Valentine’s Day because I am the worst girlfriend ever and have no idea what to buy for a man for a primarily female holiday and procrastinated until the last minute….

AND. Worst of ALL. The first two books in the “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” series. Which I was somehow unaware of until recently?! Yes, that is a total travesty because I am a LOUD AND PROUD Harry Potter devotee, and books about young demi-gods?! Totally up my alley.

(Again, yes. Maybe Army Boy and I HAVE thrown around the idea of going to the new Harry Potter park at Universal Studios. What of it? Yes, he is totally indulging me because he managed to fall asleep on “Prisoner of Azkaban” multiple times in succession. Who does that?! Yeah, it was long but including the segment about the time-turner was vital to the plot and—WHAT. Shuddup.)

Also, I may need an intervention for real. Because obviously on the “Reads” page The Crate has only decreased by two, and I now have two more on the way. On the bright side, I am more than halfway through “Pirate Latitudes,” and should have that review up by this weekend.

(“The Shadow of the Wind”? Looking at me accusingly from the bedside table where it has been taking a rest.)

To be quite honest, while I feel guilty indulging in a new book when I know that we’re “house poor” for the time being, it’s nice to know that I can look forward to a little “escape” in my free time, when I’m tired from cleaning or shoveling or MOVING (which is coming up in 17 days. Seven. Teen. *notfreakingoutnotfreakingout*).

And it’s not like I’m demanding that my escape be a day at the Hotel Hershey Spa or dinner and a movie. Really, Army Boy should be thanking me for being a cheap date. I will be more than happy to sit in our new living room reading. See how lucky he is?! Except for that whole hoping his Valentine’s gifts get here on time thing. That kinda sucks.


8 thoughts on “Of Course I Can Handle Another Foot… Of SNOW.

  1. I totally know what you mean about being hypnotized by snow news. I never watch the local news. But I have been watching any news about the upcoming blizzard. And even if they just say the same thing over and over again. I don’t care. I have also turned into an 90-year-old overnight. Haha.

    • This morning I was pissy though, because now that I’m trapped at home, I want to watch the “Today” show and see them get bombed all day… And our local news is monopolizing the channel with traffic reports and other nonsense.

      At this point? I get it. There is Snow. Alot of it. I can SEE it. Enough with the mappage. I only care whether I’ll have to go into work or not. 😉

    • On the dvd copy of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince there’s about a 20 minute long preview of what the park is going to be like. I was practically turned on by it.

      Oh yes, I will be there.

  2. I was actually thinking of you (really!) when I posted that photo yesterday. I had seen this post of yours but didn’t have time to comment. Stay warm!

    (and btw, I worked on the animation for two Harry Potter films… just to add to your geek out…)

  3. I’ve blogged twice about this snow. And I watched the weather map all day yesterday while I was at work. And I, too, say “in earnest” in my head. As in… “Can I get to AC Moore after work to get more white yarn because I’m almost out and then home before the snow starts, in earnest?” So yeah. And it’s still snowing and it is horrid. The wind, the snow, they say we’re at the height of it right now. There’s just so much snow. It’s like I woke up last Friday morning in Rochester, NY and I’m still there. Ugh.

  4. No offense, but I just didn’t see the purpose of your blog. Just meaningless drivel; I feel I wasted a few minutes reading it & just wanted to tell you: snow, Harry Potter, meals, your boyfriend, Valentine’s Day – Who cares.

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