Grown-Up Snow Day, Part Deux

February 11th, 2010

4:30am: Army Boy calls into work- The Depot is opening at 8am today. Yeah, sure.

7:30am: Our office building has re-opened today. I peer out the window. Still a foot of snow on the road. No sign of plows anywhere.

8:00am: Where are my jeans? I could have SWORN I threw jeans in my bag. I’m not wearing work clothes to work at home today.

8:10am: Army Boy offers me some of his jeans. “They’ll be a little big, but not terrible.” I hate him. Off to sulk in the shower. Must cut back on brownies. And Cadbury eggs.

8:11am: Ok, I didn’t mean it about the Cadbury eggs.

8:30am: The Today show is back!!! YAY!!!

9:30am: Army Boy’s boss calls to check in on him. And yells at him for considering coming to work. Heh.

11:00am: We watch Dr Oz, as it is all about men. Army Boy gets squigged out by the prostate exam on tv. “That’s not normal! Look, the guy can’t even look him in the eye now.”

“You know that I’ll be making you those appointments. You’d better come to grips with it.”

12:30pm: The guys return from a run to the local convenience store to get milk, eggs, toilet paper. Unfortunately, the store is sold out of Cadbury eggs. Bastards.

On the bright side, the roads are clearing. I should be able to make it home tonite.

1:00pm: Naptime for shoveling men. I continue work on the Spreadsheet of Doom for work.

2:30pm: Danielle informs me that Taylor Lautner is now legal. NICE. It does not make me too much of a perv to enjoy the ab-liciousness anymore.

3:50pm: The plow finally goes through our development.

5:00pm: I make sure that my things are ready to go so I can get on the road right at 5:30.  It’s been fun stranded for almost 3 days with Army Boy. Somehow we’re still not sick of each other. We realize that we never did finish Harry Potter… This weekend probably. Nothing says Valentine’s Day like underage wizards.


3 thoughts on “Grown-Up Snow Day, Part Deux

  1. Okay, I was following along just fine until you got to the part about Taylor Lautner now being legal. Now I am just screwed. The only thing that has kept me from stalking him was that it would be a double whammy (stalking and he was a minor). Now that he’s legal. Hell to the yeah! It’s road trip time!!!

    • HAHAHA! Ah Shawn, I’m glad you’ve made your way here. You add alot to the comments. I’m so glad I’m not the only one. 😉

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