I Would Make Out With Adam Lambert

Every morning on the way to work, I listen to my favorite morning show on the radio. I’ve been listening to the same show since high school, really, and the female host has been the same since then. It’s part of my routine.

This morning, the male DJ was particularly riled up over this video of Adam Lambert at a recent concert in New York.

If you’re unable to watch it- in summary, he calls out a concert-goer for being on her phone and restarts a song. Basically it’s full of Awesome.

The DJ felt that this fan had paid to be at the concert, and that Lambert should have disregarded her rude behavior.

The female DJ disagreed, and said that the other guests had ALSO paid for the concert ticket, and shouldn’t have had to listen to this asshole talk on their phone.

I personally think Adam is a badass and handled it perfectly.

At what point do we just get fed up with cell phones being omnipresent in society?

I can see this from so many angles. Being a performer myself, it would go up my ass a mile if someone sat at a band gig, or Singers performance and yakked on their phone while the group was performing. Regardless of whether you want to be a concert or event, you’re there. Shut the hell up. Turn your phone off. Don’t be a douchebag. And if you’re THAT important, leave the room to take the phone call.

Likewise, having worked in customer service, I’ve had to dispense prescriptions to customers talking on their phones. Because they couldn’t detach the phone from their face for two minutes to pay for a purchase.

People. That. Is. Unspeakably. RUDE.

It tells whomever is waiting on you that they’re not even worth the minute of your time for them to wait on your needs. You’d rather have no conversation with them whatsoever. And if they dare to ask a question about your order? They are an inconsiderate asshole for interrupting your call. WHAT. THE. HELL.

Another revolutionary idea: wait until you get off your damn phone before you go up to a counter/checkout line/ticket window/bank teller. I witnessed this most recently at the movies this weekend, when a woman couldn’t be bothered to get off her Blackberry while getting movie tickets. She had to ask the cashier to repeat the total about 4 times, instead of telling her call to hold on.

Honestly, I found it mortifying a few times when I when to the movies with a friend and she texted through the whole movie. In the theater. Letting her little phone screen glare blindingly in the eyes of the other people. Unless someone is in LABOR and you’re getting updates on how many centimeters along they are, you can turn the phone off for two hours. Or maybe not be in the movie theater. For the love of God.

The question is this: When will people feel that enough is enough?

With social networking growing by the hour, (yes, the irony. I am bashing social networking on my blog. I get it. But there is a time and place for everything.) at what point will our interaction with other people become entirely electronic? Should it permeate every aspect of our lives, from leisure to commerce and everything in between? Will we see laws passed in our lifetime limiting the use of handheld communication devices in public settings like restaurants, theaters and stores?

And why should we even need measures of that level? Why is common sense not enough?


5 thoughts on “I Would Make Out With Adam Lambert

  1. I have found myself now needing to teach my children when it is and is not acceptable to use their phones. Which is the problem. They are handed these things then given carte blanche to use them at will….when driving, at the dining table, at the checkout lines…certainly the worst is that they see adults doing it. I also correct their friends behavior when they are under my supervision, with a simple policy of “If you don’t care for my rule, I will gladly take you home”. I don’t suffer insolent children. Nor their parents. I have told people in checkout lines, rather loudly, that they are being rude to the person trying to serve them if they just keep conversing on their phone instead of conducting their business. I am very blunt about public rudeness. Does that make me rude? I am sure the people I call out think it does, but oddly, the other people around always thank me for speaking up.

    • That makes you freakin sexy. And absolutely right. I would applaud you too.

      I especially like that you have rules in your home about what your kids’ friends can and can’t do. THAT is parenting.

  2. I wouldn’t necessarily make out with Lambert, but that is hilarious. I taught a college class and my last semester I had two students who were constantly texting in class… rather than say… learn something. There were only 10 students in the class and they’d do it under their desks like no one would notice. I told them it was rude and disruptive and I would lower their grade. That drives me nuts! What could possibly be so important? Same for texting and driving… just wait!

    • Oh my GOSH. I’m fortunate that cell phones started to become prevalent my senior year of college, and txting after I graduated. It would have driven me NUTS to see someone txt during a lecture. I loved every minute (nerd!) of my academic career, and it really bothered me when other people spent more time partying than taking advantage of the awesome classes and professors. It’s a very short time in your life when learning is your “job”- take advantage of that.

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