Cross Your Fingers…

Right now, I’m working from home and counting down the hours until Army Boy and I will officially be owners of our house.

It has been far from easy, but that’s a post for another day. There have been countless snags and holdups, and more bullshit than you can shake a stick at.

There has also been alot of sulking and profanity.

And much, much chocolate.

But for now, I’m attempting to remain as mellow as possible. I’m (CORNY) actually attempting to visualize myself as a rock in a stream, and everything is just flowing over me. Everything that needs to be done at this point is being done behind the scenes, we just basically have to show up.

I currently have more money in my checking account than I have personally ever seen.

Hopefully in the next few hours I will also be writing a check and that money will be gone.

For now, please cross your fingers, knock on wood or any other supersitions you may have that we’ll make it to the table of doom and be able to sign more papers than we ever have.

And then wine. Much much wine. 🙂


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