Twisted Fairy Tale, Part Two

When we left off in my last post , the Prince and Princess had their Closing Date cancelled because of the Evil Underwriter Fairy.

They had, however, soldiered on after imbibing alcoholic potions and eating a lot of birthday cake and junk food.

They spent all of the weekend cleaning the new Castle, as their Knight of Realty had arranged it with the Castle’s owner. The Castle’s owner was truly a generous King in his own right, and as he knew their Gold would be provided Monday, allowed them to begin moving their belongings in that morning.

The Prince and Princess went together to Ye Olde U-haul Rentals, and rented an extra-large Coach to transport their furniture from the Prince’s old castle, and the Princess’s basement.

Everything went smoothly, and the move was completed before they had to go to the New Closing that afternoon. All of the Knights and the Prince and Princess assembled at the great Table of Dignity to sign a great deal of parchment regarding gold and transferring of deeds.

Finally, with great Pomp and Circumstance, the keys to the new Castle were given to them, and they lived Happily Ever After.

And then the basement flooded while the Princess was allowing the Magic Dishwashing Box to clean her china.

The Prince and Princess were full of dismay, because “What the Royal Hell?!” Fortunately, the previous owner had given them a Warranty Spell, which allowed them to call the Knight of Plumbing ASAP.

The Knight of Plumbing came to the Castle less than 24 hours later, and resolved the problem with haste by dispatching the Evil Klogg with his Plunger of Justice. (He didn’t really use a plunger. I don’t know what he used, it was a Man Thing and I am afraid of poo in my basement so I wasn’t there. “Plunger of Justice” just sounded better.)

The Peasants rejoiced!

And the Prince and Princess were once again ready to live Happily Ever After.

(Am ready for a break now. For serious.)


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