TxtingMrDarcy Reads: The Lightning Thief

First: An apology for my scant posting over the last few weeks. Alas… I’m ashamed to admit that we still don’t have the Internets over at CasaTxtingMrDarcy. It’s coming in the next week, but until then…

Actually, right now I’m sitting in a local bookstore which rhymes with “Narnes and Boble,” enjoying a grapefruit Izze and updating… and watching an OBVIOUS first date unfold a couple of tables away. The guy is so cleeeeearly self-absorbed and boring. In my heart which has suffered through many such experiences, I’m debating walking up to the girl and pretending I know her from somewhere, thus giving her an ‘out’ for a couple of minutes. Though, you never know. She could be really into “boring and self-absorbed,” so I should just stay out of it and keep pretending I know how to review  anything about books.

Somehow, deep in my heart of hearts which is occasionally wise, I realized that there was no way that I could handle an involved, grown-up book during the next two weeks. Fortunately, the new “Percy Jackson” movie came on the scene and intrigued the heck out of me. When I realized that it was based on a series of books, I was even more hooked on the idea.

Dammit, I added two books to the crate.

In my defense (There isn’t one. I am an addict and in denial. I know this.), I knew that when we were all moved in to the house, all Army Boy and I were going to want to do was relax and spend some time enjoying each other’s company and the quiet.

AND. Army Boy generally goes to bed about an hour before I do, leaving me with some ideal time to read and unwind. An hour is more than enough time to do serious damage to one of these books.

Be Gentle, Internet Friends. And check out the newest review on the Reads Page.

Updated: Oooo, guy just asked chicky on a second date and she totally came up with a bunch of excuses why she couldn’t. BURN.

“Well, tomorrow I’m going out with some friends for dinner, but Thursday should be ok… WAITNO… I already have plans for thursday doing… *mumblemumblepaperrustling*…So yeah, I’ll have to check my schedule.*

WHAT. I am a shameless eavesdropping bitch. I admit this. My dear Wicked Shawn would be proud.


2 thoughts on “TxtingMrDarcy Reads: The Lightning Thief

  1. Oh, I am totally proud!! Also, Wicked proud that you gave us the blow by blow of the ill fated date. Ick! Those are the worst, that whole awkward, how long do I feel obligated to sit here? thing. Bleh.

    So, I haven’t read the Percy Jackson stuff, but I have heard good things, you will fly through them, but enjoy.

    Seriously though, girrrl, get the internet lined out at casa de txtingmrdarcy already, would ya?

  2. I half-ashamedly burned through all 4 twilight books over thanksgiving weekend, so no shame on whatever light books you are reading. I am kind of envious that you and Army Boy are at that stage where all you want to do is spend time together. This past week or two have been so tense on my homefront, if I have to spend one more minute with the hubs, I am going for the juggular. Isn’t love grand!?

    I am a big fan of eavesdropping too 😉

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