Scenes From the NEW Bedroom: The Scuffening

(Army Boy and Brooke’s new bedroom, CasaTxtingMrDarcy. The two are talking sleepily before bed.)

Brooke: Ok, random thought here… But I want you to tell me if I start doing things that are unsexy and turn you off.

Army Boy: *confused*

Brooke: Now that we’re living together, I don’t suddenly want to turn into a frumpy mess and kill the romance. Ya know?

Army Boy: Why are you remotely worried about that?

Brooke: Because I’m an overachiever and I know that it can happen.

Army Boy: Okaaaaaay…

Brooke: So, if me traipsing around without pants is not a good idea, let me know.

AB: Ha, doubt that.

Brooke: Or wearing my sleeping mask. Or those moisturizing gloves to bed.

AB: The ones that make you look like a mime?

Brooke: Those.

AB: If you put those on after I fall asleep to avoid having man hands, I’m not criticizing.

Brooke: Good point. Maybe I should do all of my cleaning from now on in those patent leather heels you like…

AB: NO! You’ll scuff up all the floors!

Brooke: *speechless*

(end scene)


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