Caffeine + Army Boy = Bad News

(Scene: The Casa, first thing this morning. Army Boy and Brooke are enjoying a cup of coffee before going off for a day of doing their taxes and recovering from the choral festival allllll day Saturday.)

Brooke: Healthcare reform, politics, blah de blah cakes.
Army Boy: Healthcare reform? politics politics blah de blah crazypants.
Brooke (stretching): Ok Chief, how about we go get ready to–

(Army Boy WHIPS OFF HIS SHIRT and starts doing a sexy dance in front of the picture window in the living room. Brooke stares in a combination of amusement and confusion.)

(He stops.)

Army Boy: Go to Target? The Strip Club?….. Target. Right.

(Walks off in the direction of the shower.)

Brooke: (has more coffee to keep up.)

(End Scene.)


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