In Which I Eat My Hat. Or Crow. Or Whatever That Expression Is

Dearest Coconut Water,

It seems that I owe you a huge apology.

A short week ago, I decided that I should jump on the bandwagon, and see what the fuss was about regarding coconut water. I’ve always been a freak for coconut flavor, and thought that some of the health benefits that I was seeing were more than enough reason to make another change to my lifestyle.

As is the case in so many things, though, my first experience was a bad one. Oh yes, you know what I’m talking about. Something about the first time just didn’t live up to my expectations, and I felt the need to trash you to the Internet. That wasn’t cool. I know that now. I’m just glad that you’re mature, and didn’t take to Facebook proclaiming my asshole-ness to the world.

This weekend, in between hours (and hours and hours) of rehearsal, I turned to you for some refreshment and hope that maybe, just maybe, you’d do the trick and get me back in shape. You didn’t hold the first time against me, and took me back with open arms. And ohmigod, I felt better.

Maybe I didn’t chill you enough the first time to allow you to shine to your full potential. Maybe the first brand that I tried wasn’t as good as my other choice. I don’t know. In any event, the funky taste that I so disliked was practically gone and I could focus on all of the good aspects of your personality. Like the fact that you’re a great hangover cure and seen in a medical study to increase the female libido. And that you were used on the battlefield in WWII when IV solutions weren’t available. How cool is that?! PLUS, you also come in some other fun flavors, so I have no ground to be bitching about taste.

Once I gave you a second chance, and saw all of the benefits to be gained from a relationship with you, I had to rethink my position. I don’t want us to be angry at each other, baby.

Please take me back.

Very Humbly Yours,

Txting Mr Darcy, Converted Coconut Water Drinker.


2 thoughts on “In Which I Eat My Hat. Or Crow. Or Whatever That Expression Is

  1. Okay, so share. What kind did you try. Shoot me an email with the details so I can give it a try. My Topomax has me on this horrible unhealthy roller coaster, so I am all for anything with some health benefits.

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