Spring is in the Air. And My Checkbook, Apparently.

The other day, I was sitting smugly in front of my computer, having just bought a new set of curtains for our guest room. I was forced to consider the fact that since our offer on the house was accepted, my priorities regarding finances had rearranged themselves considerably.

I used to spend considerable amounts of time browsing the internet for books, researching the newest trends in clothing (which I was never brave enough to buy, of course), and finding out who the “Next! Big! Thing!” in music was going to be. I never thought twice about “comfort-shopping” if I was having a lousy day.

“What? I work for a living. If I need a treat to pull myself out of the occasional funk about working for a living, I can get one. With the money that I earn. From said working.”

(Yes. I am extremely well-spoken in my inner monologue. NOT.)

Did I mention the Etsy shopping? I’m sure I did. 😉

Since January, both Army Boy and I have been remarkably frugal. Most of that was an automatic response to the sheer amount of STUFF that we would need to make the house inhabitable. Any time we’d come up with a little extra money, we’d discuss what would be a worthwhile purchase for both of us- an extra set of sheets? Sure! Some more kitchen utensils? Absolutely! A blanket chest for the living room? That makes sense.

I have to admit, I was proud of myself for making the switch from singleton to partner so smoothly. Instead of thinking about MY makeup and MY books and MY spending, I was thinking as a WE. Groceries took the place of unnecessary treats, and curtains were my new porn.

No seriously. I was slightly obsessed for a while. Decorating your own space is intoxicating.

This weekend, though, a switch flipped in my brain.

Maybe it was a result of the sudden change from spring-like weather to the cold rainy return of winter for a few more days. Maybe it was looking at my limited wardrobe in the shared master bedroom closet. Which was totally an optical illusion, because I’ve been gradually moving my clothes from my parents’ house, leaving the “summer” selections for last.

It was a perfect storm, triggered by blah weather, fashion boredom, and the arrival of my $30 in rewards from one of my naughty naughty credit cards. PLUS I was seeing some really tempting details and trends echoed by some of the more affordable retailers. I just needed to get my hands on them.

The evil monster of “Want!” woke up, and it needed some clothes for spring. It was CRAVING girly things. Not a lot, but maybe a couple of light tops to intersperse with my usual wardrobe… To give myself credit, I did mention to Army Boy that I felt a little shopping coming on. His response?

“Can I get some teeshirts?”

Sweet, sweet man. Like you need to ASK me to shop for you.

I got my springy, practical work pieces. And a new dress (?!). And an adorable pair of ballet flats…

I may have stopped over at YouStink Soap to replenish some of my favorites and get a new scent for spring.

But now? The summer clothes beast has been awakened, and much like the Kraken, will not rest until it has destroyed Athens. Or my bank account. One of the two.

Are there any indulgences that you’re craving for Spring?


4 thoughts on “Spring is in the Air. And My Checkbook, Apparently.

  1. I totally know what you mean! I just bought two pairs of sandals today. And they are adorable! We girls don’t really need excuses to shop…but this time we really do have one. It’s Spring!

  2. I’m totally in dress mode, too!! Weird right? Because I haven’t worn a dress since I got married. Exactly 4 and a half years ago today. But you have just encouraged me to at least peruse my favorite clothing sites today…. thanks… 🙂

  3. Oh NOES! THE SPRING MONSTER is back from the [dead]….or….last year?

    This year I haven’t been able to get into the “come hither’ voices that typically beacon me to shop. Don’t get me wrong…its currently 80 degrees in KC…I am wearing a maxi dress from last year, jelly shoes (don’s you wish you were as cool as me to don this sweet things from elementary school?), and a white cardigan – (yes I still have to work in the office) – but the voice hasn’t erupted yet.


    A) It’s hitting the east coast and moving westward. Think of it as “Oregon Trails” of buying clothes. “Oh NO! Timmy just died because he’s in debt up to his eyeballs! And Samantha got money sickness from checking her bank statement.” Harsh comparisons, I know.

    B) It’s the fault of the wedding dress. Said dress is sitting in one of the spare bedrooms in our house. Said dress actually has a voice: “come wear me Danielle. Just try me on. I promise the dog won’t track mud on me. I promise you won’t fall down and tear me to shreds. Please…just wear me and act like a complete clown…you know you want to!”

    Yes it is the dresses fault….or the wedding in general. When the time comes, I suggest destination wedding ARMY BOY.

    Regardless….I will gladly pay you Tuesday for tiffany-blue kitten heels today!

  4. I am forced to go shopping this weekend. *fake sad face* I need Oaks and Derby dresses, and hats, and shoes, and jewelry. Oh, the Gala will require an additional outfit. Crud, guess I have a good deal of shopping ahead. Not to mention the deck furniture needs new cushions and my planters need new flowers. So much shopping, so little time. 😉

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