Taylor Swift and The Morning After

Before I begin my rambling for the day, can I start by asking how freakin’ cool it would be if this post WAS actually about Taylor Swift getting laid?

Don’t take that the wrong way, I adore her. I think that she’s got some incredible talent for her age, and she’s always so freakin’ cute. And nice. And SPARKLY. I’d totally hang out with her.

But wouldn’t it be funny to see her, just once, looking all rumpled and doing the walk of shame?

Yes, I know that we have the Miley Cyruses and Demi Lovatos of the world for that.

(*prepares for the reign of “Jonas Brothers don’t bone before marriage” comments*)

Ok, now that I’ve got my going-to-hell intro out of the way.

One of the things about music that never fails to amaze me is how a particular song can instantly transport you back in time to whatever you were feeling the first time that you heard the song.

I can’t hear Meredith Brooks’ “Bitch” without remembering a summer vacation to the Outer Banks at 13, when I was starting to feel more like a woman than a child, and being a bitch could be a good thing.

Sadly, I can’t hear the new Taylor Swift/Boys Like Girls song “Two Is Better Than One,” without being reminded of a particularly significant “walk of shame.”

It wasn’t really a “walk of shame,” it was a drive home from the first night that I spent at Army Boy’s house. And it was as far as possible from any past walks that I’ve made in the same vein.

There’s the charming Drunken walk that begins with lotsa booze and ends with “who are you, and where are my panties?” *confused look*

There’s the Collegiate walk that says “Yeah, I’m wearing last night’s clothes. And that means I DID GET SEX. I am empowered, bask in it.”

Then. There’s the Relationship Walk, which may not imply The Sex at all, but more that you just had one of those rare nights when the time flies by, there’s very little sleep, and you can’t believe how much you enjoy just TALKING to this person.

Maybe some hanky-panky too. But that is beside the point.

You feel happy, and exhilarated, and so-effing-exhausted-just-get-me-to-my-BED.

The morning of the Taylor Swift incident was one of those times. I was glowingly happy, and slightly scared- getting involved with a man that is married is serious business. I had very little other than what I knew of Army Boy from the past and his promise to me that his marriage WAS over to use to make the decision about whether to open my heart to him. After almost two years of being single, and really guarding my heart through online dating, it was hard to give up control and trust in someone.

So yes, each time I tune into the local pop station to wake myself up in the morning, and “Two Is Better Than One” comes on, I can’t help but smile as I remember exactly how amazing it felt to be on the edge of something bigger than he or I could possibly have predicted. That morning, that particular song spoke to me, and even though I think it’s totally corny listening to it now, the falsetto harmonies and dramatic strings seemed to be perfectly appropriate.

Honestly, I feel like I just lost some of my indie cred by even admitting that. If it had been something by Dar Williams, Ingrid Michaelson or Radiohead, it might have been acceptable. But Taylor Swift? And Boys Like Girls?

I might as well admit to having loved Hanson.

I totally did, btw.


5 thoughts on “Taylor Swift and The Morning After

  1. Awww…that’s sweet. It’s hilarious that it’s a Taylor Swift song though. Haha. Sex is the last thing I think about when I hear her music…because she is so sweet and I hope she never turns into a Britney. We have to many of those.

  2. I love you doll, but Taylor, eh, I could do without. Aren’t you glad you took that leap, though???!!! Leaps are wonderful!! Wicked girl, walks of shame. Tsk tsk. LOL

  3. Great post, can totally relate to the past of some walks of shame, some good, some not so good, some wish to god had never done that…

    But Taylor Swift? Reeeeally?

    And don’t even say the J-word (JONAS)!

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