You Cannot Resist the Power of the Dark Side

(Scene: The Living Room at La Casa. Brooke is sitting on the couch with an ice bag on her head [AGAIN], and Army Boy is sitting next to her, arm around her.)

Army Boy: So, I was watching “Millionaire Matchmaker” today…

Brooke: (stifles a giggle)

Army Boy: WHAT. There was nothing on. And for some reason, that show is ALWAYS on.

Brooke: This is true. As a woman who likes her smut tv, I’m ok with that. Continue.

Army Boy: And Patti totally went off on this client because he’d been drawn to blondes who used him for his money and then left him. When she set him up with potential dates, he picked a blonde who used his money and tried to leave him.

Brooke: I’m still back at the fact where you watched “Millionaire Matchmaker” without me home. I kinda assumed that was something you were coerced into.

Army Boy: Nah. She’s pretty funny, and all the advice she gives makes sense. In fact, I could totally be one of her assistants.

Brooke: Gah?

Army Boy: Yeah. They’re in charge of the dating pool, but she does the set-ups and gives advice. It could be fun.

Brooke: You clearly missed your calling. “Former Army Guy Carpenter Millionaire Matchmaker”. It has a ring to it.

Army Boy: It does.

Brooke: You’re not living this down, you know. You’re going to voluntarily be watching “Say Yes to the Dress” next.

Army Boy: NEVER.

(Brooke raises an eyebrow. End Scene.)


6 thoughts on “You Cannot Resist the Power of the Dark Side

    • We were NOT just watching that. NO. Because I have to compulsively watch the trainwreck that is Kate Gosselin. (The show was filmed in my town, and we got to deal with her at the pharmacy I worked at. HORROR.)

  1. I got my husband to watch What Not to Wear. I think that’s all the further I’m going to get him. He likes the beginning of The Bachelor with all the women, but that’s as far as he goes with it. 🙂

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