Cohabitation Update: The Difference Between Men and Women

(Scene: The Casa Kitchen, last night. Dinnertime. Brooke is standing by the stove, getting ready to prepare dinner. Enter Army Boy.)

Army Boy: Hey Babe. What can I do to help.

Brooke: (slightly distracted, as she is working out how to time the prep of 3 different things) Um… set the table. That would be great.

Army Boy: (sighs) Oh SURE. Give me the little kid jobs.

Brooke: Yup!

(She starts cooking, occasionally asking for a utensil or for him to check a timer. The dinner is prepared, and they eat.)

An Hour Later….

Brooke: Are you ready to start the cupcakes?

Army Boy: Sure! What can I do?

Brooke: (thinks a moment) You could put the liners in the muffin pans. Oh, and can you preheat the oven and grab me the scissors?

Army Boy: (walks over, sets the oven, comes back.) Ok?

Brooke: Hmmm. Did you forget the scissors?

Army Boy: Right!! (gets them, hands them to Brooke. Returns to standing there, staring.)

Brooke: Gee, those muffin tins sure look like they need cupcake wrappers in them.

Army Boy: DIRECTIONS ARE HARD. (Starts putting the cupcake papers in, color-coordinating them.)

Brooke: And you whine when I make you set the table because it’s too easy.

Army Boy: I hate you.

(Brooke reaches over and switches two cupcake wrappers to mess up his pattern. He sulks.)

End Scene


2 thoughts on “Cohabitation Update: The Difference Between Men and Women

  1. No, it was merely the volume at which you were giving him his directions. Next time shout the directions in a very authoritarian voice. Bet he does it all without missing a beat and in double time. Hehe.

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