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One of my sweet, concerned ego-strokers  friends asked me today “Why haven’t you posted since Sunday?”

It made me pause for a minute, but I answered truthfully, “Because I don’t have anything to say.”

I mean, that’s not technically true. I could say a lot of things.

I could say “I got a haircut.”

I could say “I have bloody shinsplits because I’m not happy with the “relationship fluff” I’ve accumulated around the middle since dating Army Boy and am resuming my exercise routine.”

I could say “Also, I bought the 30-Day Shred. Because I needed $6 to get free shipping on ‘Avatar’. And I’m fucking terrified of this work out and that Jillian Michaels is going to kick my dimpled ass. Which is the point, really.”

I could say “I think I have an online shopping addiction.”

“No Really. I bought French Perfume last week. For no other reason than that I wanted to try it and I am a Bratty Brat Brat.”

“I don’t want to go to both the doctor AND Singers rehearsal early tomorrow morning. I feel like half my day is going to be eaten up when I have so much to get done in the house like laundry and cleaning and—“


Cell … Tango

That’s what I would have written five years ago, on my Livejournal blog in College where I was so full of the self-love that I thought everyone really cared exactly what I’d done that weekend. Everyone was truly interested to hear just how in looooove and happy I was with the latest boyfriend, be he a good guy like Drummer Guy or a doped-up douche like Surfer Dude.

I don’t want to be the type of blogger that resorts to writing a litany of complaints just because there is nothing else rattling around in my skull. I’d rather stay silent. Not because I think there’s anything wrong with using your blog as a platform to vent about what’s bothering you in life- I’ve done it. Religion, Politics, Family.

But I want to hold myself to being better than to write about day to day minutae.

Unless it’s really really FUNNY day-to-day minutae.

Which I usually forget unless I stop and take the time to write it down, dammit.

New Kids on the ….

Just finished up book 4 of the Percy Jackson series, and started Dean Koontz’s “Breathless” My god, I LOVE that man. I’m only 100 pages in, so have no clue what the book is remotely about, but I’m enjoying racing through the pieces to put them together.

His writing just takes my breath away at times, too. That’s what kills me about his books. They can be exciting, horrifying, and humorous, and then he’ll through in a sentence that slams me to the floor and makes me re-read it just to savor how he paints with words.

“Henry Rouvroy picked up shotgun-shattered fragments of his face from the bathroom floor and dropped the pieces of broken mirror into a heavy-duty plastic trash bag.”- (p90)

I’m going to stop raving now because it’s turning into a Review, and I need to save that.

Jenny From The….

Don’t worry, I’m working on a food blog post. It will be epic. And ridiculously silly. And may contain a cake mix box.

I’m no Martha Stewart.


6 thoughts on “Block.

  1. I’m a firm believer in don’t blog (or speak, or otherwise communicate in such a way that foot needs to be inserted in mouth) unless there’s something to say. I’m blocked too, sistah.

    • I just came back to visit and realized that my comment may be construed as me telling you to keep your mouth (or blog) quiet until you have something to say. Which isn’t what I meant at all, of course. But I was feeling blocked myself at the time and kept having the urge to just blog for the heck of it about whatever, but decided to edit myself. Glad you didn’t, because I always enjoy reading your words no matter the topic!

      • Of course not. I’d never read you that way, Kim. 🙂 I fought with myself the urge to blog about Kate Gosselin, and other random things that really wouldn’t have made good posts. It’s realizing what kind of content you value, or whether spending that extra time with Sweetpea or Army Boy is more valuable in the long run.

  2. This resonates so much with me. I was just thinking on this last night, actually. A blog I read started 2 months before mine is now making enough of an income that the girl writing is no longer concerned with not having a job. It’s completely disillusioned me. Not that I started the blog to make money, because it’s a 50000 to 1 shot that it’ll happen, and that’s probably being generous. And she’s just goofy and silly and funny. That’s it. And she draws pictures. I equal parts hate her and adore her.
    Even prior to finding out this info my posting had been scare because I just don’t need to say anything right now. Well, actually right NOW I do. In the last 24 hours two blog posts have shown themselves to be worthy of writing, but yeah… all that to say… I hear you on this. I get it.

  3. I am totally with Amy on this one. I HEAR YOU! I had gotten into a rut of feeling like I needed to blog seven days a week ‘to keep pagehits up’ and then I remembered that I am not supposed to give a crap about pagehits, I am supposed to care about having readers (who cares if it’s 10 or 100,000) reading my writing. I haven’t checked Google analytics stats in months and it is totally liberating! And, I blog when I have something to say, which is definitely not every day and I am pretty much off on weekends!!

    Anyhoo, I love this post. And you! That is all.


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