He Should Probably Check Into Sex Rehab

Fresh off the recent outrage about Constance McMillan, and the disgusting behavior of her town, school board and classmates, the ACLU is stepping in regarding the treatment of another high school senior.

This time, it’s here in good old central PA.

Honestly? I think they’ve taken it too far, but I’ll let the Interwebs be the judge of that.

Give me a BREAK.

The Student’s Case: He created a parody of an interview with the high school principal and posted it on YouTube.

The Principal’s Case: The principal had suggested that dancing at the homecoming dance had gotten too out-of-hand (sexually), and she asked that the students keep it more appropriate at Prom. She then asked the Student Council for the opportunity to clarify her remarks in an interview to run on the student tv channel. Jordan (the student) got permission to conduct the interview with pre-approved questions, and did so. He then got his friends to make up fake questions, and put the parody interview on the internet.

The School District’s Case: He used school equipment to do so, and used it inappropriately. He was suspended for 9 days and forbidden from going to prom.

The ACLU: His first amendment rights were violated, because he was actually being suspended for WHAT HE HAD TO SAY, not for equipment use. It says that this ruling gives school administrators too much control in what kids can post on computer networking sights.

My Case?

I see what the ACLU is saying. However, there needs to be some perspective in this case. They just went to bat for a young woman who was banned from prom simply because of WHO SHE IS.

Taking the case of this young man feels like a slap after their championing of Constance. I think that the administration is perfectly right for punishing a student for using video of the principal to make a parody without her permission, and for the misuse of school equipment. The kid is a PUNK, plain and simple, a spoiled little white boy who didn’t realize that by being disrespectful he would face consequences.

Trust me. I went to school with kids like him. They’re assholes who get petted and pampered and brought up to think they could do no wrong. The fact of the matter is he created a video that was hurtful and embarrassing, and then put it on YouTube where it WENT VIRAL. He made this woman look like an asshole. Maybe she is, maybe she isn’t, but it was disrespectful and cruel. As long as he’s a student at that school, he is subject to disciplinary action for using their property. His behavior had consequences, PERIOD.

He’s being banned from prom as a direct result of something that he did. Not because he has blue eyes, or wanted to bring another guy as his date. He misbehaved, and he deserves the punishment. Whether he deserved both the suspension and being banned from prom is the only point of this case that is a grey area to me.

For his parents to coddle him and say that he was wronged is a joke, and will give him the impression that his behavior through life is beyond reproach. It’s their job to be teaching him the difference between right and wrong, and it seems that the father is just pissed because the school administration stepped up and disciplined his kid. Had this young man been taught the proper level of respect for figures of authority, he wouldn’t have conceived of something like the stunt that he pulled. If he had done something similar to a boss? His ass would be FIRED. Plain and simple.

The Constitution promises free speech and the right to bear arms, but it doesn’t guarantee him the right to go to prom. It is a priviledge that can be taken away if the person exhibits poor judgement or bad behavior, especially in regards to authority figures. To say that he is not responsible to be respectful is setting a more dangerous precedent for students across the country than worrying about their use of social networking sights.


5 thoughts on “He Should Probably Check Into Sex Rehab

  1. Damn straight. He is being punished for being a bullying little jerk who thinks it is fine to make fun of others. Take his prom away. I have two teenage boys. If they did this and if the school didn’t take away their prom, I sure as hell would.

    If this was switched around and little Johnny the jerk had made a video making fun of another kid at school and posted it on YouTube his butt would have been suspended and he could very well be facing federal charges.

    Because it is a principal who busts her ass all day dealing with punks like him and trying to create a good environment for her students, it’s fine? Pathetic. The ACLU should be ashamed of themselves and so should his parents.

  2. And they way they dance at school dances these days??? I’m only just about 32 and it makes me want to avert my eyes. I went to a prom last year to assist my husband who was the photographer and after doing the posed shots with the fake background we went into the dance itself and took candids. Holy Mother of God… it was crazy. There were girls who wanted their picture taken and to make sure they got my attention they would do 1 of 2 things. 1. Stop dancing normal with their group of girlfriends and start absolutely just grinding all up on each other… hands going EVERY. WHERE. or 2. Grinding all up on HIM. Let me tell you how much I liked THAT. Yeah.
    So this pricipal? I’m sure well within her duty as principal to address this and totally not worthy of being mocked for it.
    I hate mean boys.

    • Yes, the dancing is enough to make a porn star blush. I have teenage boys and have seen it first hand. (My boys are no exception) It is a site NOT to behold as a parent. They are all dry humping each other right there. In. Front. Of. Us. Gave me the heebie geebies for sure. Fine if your going to do it, but like throwing an f-bomb, please reserve it for those moments when we aren’t present.

  3. Well, crap… Where was the ACLU when I was a kid? Free speech? Are you freakin’ kidding me. We got our asses kicked on a regular basis if we forgot to say “Ma’am” and “Sir.” The ACLU does a lot of really good work, but it’s when they take too far that they lose credibility. You’ve got to pick your battles wisely and this kid’s case is a big loser for everyone involved.

    I don’t care if he’s a future comic genius. Without learning the meaning of boundaries, he’s not going to amount to anything.

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