FAB Friday!

I know that the tone around here has been a little heavy this week, with mostly rants making up my posts. I’ve got some photo-heavy posts in the works for next week, including my first cooking post (HAHAHAHA) and some pics from the wonderful Colbie Caillat concert I attended last night. If you can see her? DO it. She and her band are pitch-perfect live.

Tonight is the first of three concerts that I’ll perform this weekend with the Singers- we’re doing a program featuring Faure’s Requiem and selections from the “Holocaust Cantata”. It’s sure to be an emotional experience all three nights, and I’m lucky that I have today to work from home and recharge.


I just had to share this video that was just on the Today show- as soon as they showed the first few seconds I was on the floor laughing. Mostly because I have seen some videos very similar to this, minus the amazing choreography. When not on missions, our troops in active combat come up with some pretty creative ways to pass the time. Army Boy’s unit has videos of some Monty Python-style jousting.

This is a unit stationed in Afghanistan and their take on Lady Gaga’s “Telephone.”



One other note: I’ve got a Facebook Fan Page! And right now? I have TWO fans! … Right. That is making me a little sad in my heart, so if you’re on there, and want to know when I post updates? Become a fan! Or “Like” me… or whatever it is that the crazy kids are doing these days.

Have a great weekend, all!


2 thoughts on “FAB Friday!

  1. I saw this and it made me cry laughing. I love the stuff they come up with while they have some down time. I will have to get you a copy of the Transformers video I have from Ryan’s deployment. You will LOVE it!!!

    • I should put up some of the vids from Army Boy’s deployment too. The sad thing about this video is a: some of them have better fake fashion sense than me and b: most of them are better dancers.

      *does the sprinkler*

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