I Honestly Don’t Know How We Function

(Or- The time that Danielle wanted to bug Army Boy about puttin’ a ring on it, already… and then bugged someone else.)

Danielle [3:27 PM]:

Now you should subscribe to wedding mags!



Brooke [3:27 PM]:


Danielle [3:28 PM]:

hurry up

and go to magazine sites


im excited….because I get a friend to be engaged with me!

and yay!

Brooke [3:28 PM]:


Danielle [3:28 PM]:

Tell Army Boy I want him to hurry up

Brooke [3:29 PM]:

it could be WEEEEEEKS

Danielle [3:29 PM]:

at the end of week 2 I will be txting

not for your sake…but for MINE!



Brooke [3:29 PM]:


i think you can text him that now.

Danielle [3:30 PM]:

and sent

Brooke [3:31 PM]:


poor Army Boy

Danielle [3:31 PM]:

i know

hell just have to deal with it

i bet he has no response to what i wrote

Danielle [3:33 PM]:

“So i heard its engagement ring time! Hurry up, mister.  I need my friend to be engaged too.  I cant be the only oneeeeee!”

Brooke [3:33 PM]:

we’ll see. he’s in the shower now

*whistles innocently*

(Suddenly, Brooke the Genius realizes that Brian changed his number back when The Divorce was final… and doesn’t know if she shared that fact with Danielle. Uh oh.)

Leggat, Brooke [3:36 PM]:


what # do you have for AB? did we update when he got the new number?

(Too Late.)

Danielle [3:36 PM]:

oh no

I just got a response form dylan smucker….


“This is dylan smucker.  Haha who is this?  And I guess congratulations.”


I need his new number

Brooke [3:37 PM]:


Danielle [3:38 PM]:


im going to be best friends with dylan smucker now

(The mix-up was sorted out and Army Boy did get the appropriate level of harassment. But WOW. Just… WOW.)


3 thoughts on “I Honestly Don’t Know How We Function

    • I don’t know if there’s a ring yet… We decided to do the house, and then the ring would come in time. Now that taxes are coming in, Someone (DANIELLE) is getting impatient. 😉

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