Quick Update!

The culture came back a little while ago and it’s NOT MRSA.

Thank Heavens.

They’re still keeping him until Sunday to monitor his fever and pain, and make sure it doesn’t spread any further.

Thank ALL of you for sending thoughts and prayers. You’re all far better at it than I am, but your notes were like an arm around my shoulders, sending me strength to keep a brave face while making decisions. You are awesome.


2 thoughts on “Quick Update!

  1. OMJ- I just caught both of these posts at the same time! Which makes me feel horrible because I wasn’t able to send you any thoughts and support. I’m sorry. I’m also really glad it isn’t MRSA. However, I’m assuming it is a severe staph infection. Please let me know how he is progressing. Mom sees so much of this in the hospital. How dare the primary care doctor brush it off like that??? WTH??!!!

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