Well, That’s Awkward!

I just realized that the last post was still that of the paranormal remarking upon my sex life. Sorry about that.

It’s been rather busy around the Casa lately. Not really with anything of note, but with the million little things that end up eating away your time until you realize “Wow, it’s 9pm and I should really STOP MOVING NOW.”

Again, I’m resorting to a poor excuse for a post, tying up some of the recent loose ends around here.

Remember this lady? Yesterday, she was sauntering around the office again when I noticed that she had added an unusual accessory to her wardrobe.

Yes. She was wearing Silly Bandz. Which I took the first opportunity to point out. Because I am mature and not at all vengeful like that.

As a matter of note, I am still wearing mine. They are color-coordinated to my outfit today.

This weekend we had a great visit with my cousins, who came up on Sunday to see the house and go out for brunch. I love any excuse to have champagne in the morning, so brunch sounded like a great plan to me!

Sometimes I still have moments where the fact that we own a home is so completely surreal. Showing my cousins around the other day was one such time- I can’t shake the feeling that we’re just “playing house,” and that those outside looking in are wondering what “those two kids are doing in that house.” Then I remember that I’m officially verging on my late 20s, and it really doesn’t look that odd to the outside world.

[Please note: There were two paragraphs here about A VIDEO GAME. This is how unexciting life has been lately. I blame it on the birthday.]

In the upcoming weeks, we’re preparing for our vacation up to New England to visit my family. Army Boy has never been up to that neck of the woods, so it promises to be an adventure for all involved. He hasn’t had a vacation since before the events leading to his divorce, so he’s really looking forward to the time off.

We’re definitely planning to take a side trip to Newport, RI, to enjoy everything that town has to offer. (Read: LOBSTER. AND BEACH. BUT MOSTLY LOBSTER.) All of us except Dad, that is, who’s allergic to shellfish. Personally, I feel that a life without shellfish is too difficult to bear. I feel bad for him, really. And then I eat some more crab and feel better. I am a LOVING daughter.

Another highlight to our travels is that we’re staying here . It will be our first trip as a couple, and I think that the king beds, Jacuzzis and fireplaces will be… um… nice? Romantic? Freakin’ awesome, perhaps? It’s another excuse for champagne, I think. See above for how that rates with me.

We had originally planned a romantic retreat around Valentine’s Day, and then we bought the house. It was a mutual decision that our time and resources would be better spent accomplishing everything that we needed to in the short time before closing. We kissed our visions of candlelit bubble baths goodbye in favor of purchasing appliances and living room furniture.

Heck, I’m even excited for the 6 hour drives up and back, as I’ve got some kickass new reading material to entertain me in the car. I’m one of the lucky ones who can not only read in a vehicle without throwing up, but get totally immersed in the story so that I emerge two hours later blinking confusedly about why we needed to stop for the bathroom again?

Most notable among the new reads are “The Passage” , by Justin Cronin. 800 pages of post apocalyptic vampire mayhem?! Sign me up!

We’re wicked excited, is what I’m getting at.

Before then, we’re going to a Celtic rock concert, drinking lots of beeahs and there will be adventures in hairstyling…

(That was me promising to try to be less boring. YAY! *jazzhands*)


3 thoughts on “Well, That’s Awkward!

  1. Have fun on your vacation to NE. Sounds wonderful!

    I like to read in the car, too. I actually used it a lot when I lived in large cities b/c other people’s driving scared the wooblies out of me (um, not while *I* was driving). I love to immerse myself in good books on long driving trips.

    I’m curious about “The Passage” – I may have to look into that.

    The *jazzhands* cracked me up! 🙂

  2. I am jealous that you can still read in the car without being attacked by car sickness. I used to be able to so for hours on family vacations. My mom couldn’t understand how I did it. Now, I understand her confusion. Any sort of prolonged looking at anything in the car (other than the road, of course) makes me ill.

    In other news, have a wonderful time on your vacation (and eat some crab & lobster for me, too! mmmmm)

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