A Streak Of Good Luck

Even before Friday turned into the most AWESOME DAY EVER, I was having a pretty sweet afternoon. Work was manageable, and I was looking forward to a concert that evening.

I visited my dear Wicked Shawn’s blog, as I had been since she took a short hiatus, because I was missing her wicked wit and wisdom. What to my wondering eyes should appear, but:

That’s right, I got AN AWARD.  For being awesome.

According to Shawn, the rules are as follows:
·  Thank the person who gave you the award. I can handle that- Shawn is hysterical and tells it like it is in all situations, even with creepy hotel personnel. If we got together, rooms would spontaneously combust.

·  List 7 things about yourself your readers do not know.

Hmm… This is tricky. Since I tend to have diarrhea of the mouth fingers, there’s very little I haven’t overshared yet.

1. I’m a video game nerd. Army Boy and I have both been addicted lately to “Dragon Age” AND a crazy Japanese game called “Katamari Forever.” The premise? You roll around a sticky ball and pick up things. Including houses, people, land masses and weather system. Sounds simple, is frighteningly addictive.

2. I’m a Boston Red Sox fan, born and bred in New England.

3.  My family was lucky enough to vacation over on Martha’s Vineyard (think Bill Clinton and Barack Obama) during summers up through college.

4. The thing that drives me the most crazy about PA is being far from the ocean. I get twitchy when landlocked.

5. I had little to no experience with cooking when Army Boy and I started dating. He claims I have a natural flair for it. I think I just make good drinks.

6. My absolute favorite flowers are dahlias. I love how colorful they are, and was excited to plant four bulbs of my own when we moved into the Casa. They look like they’re going to bloom any day.

7. I find myself gravitating more toward the mommybloggers than the other twentysomething-bloggers. Perhaps I am jealous that they are living the glamourous life while I am domesticated in a small town. Or perhaps I am an insufferable spelling and grammar snob. 😉

·  Award 5 bloggers who you’ve recently discovered.

Ooo, I am SO excited to share this one with you- visiting one of Wicked Shawn’s awesome nominees the other day led me to the misadventures of another romantic man across the pond.  Scalene is basically a “choose your own adventure”-style romance blog. He gives scenarios from his dating life, and asks what course of action he should take. It’s completely addictive reading.

Katy, at Torpid Trifling is anything but the “lazybones” she gives as her profile name. She fits more in a day than I can imagine, and has time to write remarkable prose about her former travels, pregnancy and life with an adorable toddler.

Annje and I were introduced by our mutual friend Kim at Mosey Along, and I’m in awe of the grace with which she’s preparing for a move to Chile. I’m excited to live vicariously through her travels, and enjoy more of her lovely photography.

Dating Is My Hobby is a spunky 20-something from DC. She, like myself, originally started her blog to chronicle her dating adventures, and then found herself in a serious relationship. She’s stylish, fun and totally honest. It’s interesting seeing her relationship with Boyfriend develop.

Everyone knows Aunt Becky, over at Mommy Wants Vodka, but equally interesting to follow is her other half, The Daver. He’s extremely candid (hence why he’s so good at his stints giving advice for Go Ask Aunt Becky) and if you’re lucky, he posts pics of his totally nommable kiddos. He and Aunt Becky were also the first friends in the blogosphere to congratulate Army Boy and I on our engagement, which had Army Boy as excited as I was. I love them both.

Those are some of my recent discoveries, and you’ll definitely find some great reading among them.  Back to your regularly-scheduled Monday entertainment!


6 thoughts on “A Streak Of Good Luck

  1. Thanks for passing it on; I’ll try to come up with 7 interesting things…

    yay for mommybloggers!

    red socks? that sounds vaguely sportish…haha kidding, I’ve heard of them.

  2. Congratulations! Katamari IS very addictive as my co-worker told me. (HE would not consider himself a “nerd” yet he was totally geeking out when he tried to describe to me what the game is about. LOL)

    I go to Boston a lot for business and everybody is a Red Sox fan when you are in Boston. 😉

    I also found your “gravitating more toward the mommybloggers than the other twentysomething-bloggers” surprising and intriguing.

    Congratulations to your engagement again!!!

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