So far, this summer is…

…. Watching my dahlias steadily grow and grow

…. Wondering how I didn’t kill said dahlias yet

…. Oh wait, one died. Nvm.

…. The cool crispness of Italian ice

…. And the bite of lime on a fish taco

…. Curling up in the evenings with the first season of Glee

…. Singing “Proud Mary” in the shower because I can’t get that song OUT OF MY HEAD

…. Sleeping, splayed across the bed under only a sheet

…. Kissing sticky baby cheeks

…. The quiet jangling of silver earrings, like a personal soundtrack

…. A quick flash of neon toenails

…. Picking out paint colors

….. “oh my god, we just got the rooms organized do we really want to—“

…. “Ok, you’re right, we do.”

…. “You’re cleaning if I spill paint everywhere though”

…. “It’s me, of course it’s going to happen”

…. Oh look the plumbing’s leaking again….

…. Pass me a mojito.


2 thoughts on “Freewrite.

  1. OMJ, fish tacos make summer worth living……….and neon polish on my toe nails……and my flowers…..and summer nights on the deck with a mango mai tai in hand……and summer thunderstorms……I love this post!!

  2. This was great! The fish tacos are what caught my eye, too. Haven’t been able to find a decent one in my small town. Oh, how I miss Colorado and Texas some days! (but not very often)

    Sticky baby cheeks was adorable. Nice.

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