Tales From The Frat House: Yes I Still Work There.

(Scene: Brooke, Genius Boy and Yankees Fan, in their respective cubes at the Lego Block of Doom, debating what to do for lunch. Completely out of the blue, Genius Boy changes the subject.)

Genius Boy: Dude, I saw the guy yesterday. And he was totally Superman-ing.

Yankees Fan: I told you!

Genius Boy: Yup, you were completely on.

(They laugh.)

Brooke: HUH?

Genius Boy: Yankees Fan told me about a guy who works here that likes to Superman in the bathroom.

Brooke: Yeah, that’s where you lost me.

Yankees Fan: (standing to demonstrate) He goes to the bathroom, and instead of just unzipping his fly, he unzips, and unbuttons so that his pants are hanging open. Then he stands with his hands on his hips and his feet apart. Like so.

Genius Boy: Yankees Fan saw him, and then the next day he came in while I was in there. You can’t help but notice. It’s a very noble pee.

Brooke: (thoughtfully) But…. I mean…. Wouldn’t it go all firehose?

Yankees Fan: What??

Brooke: Ya know. If he’s got his hands on his hips, and isn’t holding it…

Genius Boy: (cracks up) No, it’s not like that.

Yankees Fan: Um?

Genius Boy: Like it would flop around out of control. Firehose.

(He demonstrates with a spastic hip-swivel move that has me still cracking up hours later.)

Yankees Fan: OOOOHHH! Got it. “Hey!! Can I get some help over here?!”

(At this point, both of them are swiveling, pretending their penises are out of control firehoses. YES. You read that right.)


Yankees Fan: I need another hand! Dude, can I borrow yours?!

(The day collapses into mayhem.)

(End Scene)

(images via Google images)

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