Ah, with some minor detours (about firehose penises, no less)(it was necessary) I’m finally to the end of my vacation summary posts.

Friday morning, we bid farewell to Jacob Hill Inn early to beat some of the holiday weekend traffic. My mom and I, having been doing this drive for 19 years, had horrible visions of getting stuck on the Tappan Zee Bridge or somewhere in Connecticut (ie “HELL”)(no offense, but your cars don’t come equipped with turn signals, other than the driver’s middle finger as he’s cutting you off) for hours.

We’d let the innkeepers know that we’d be departing early, and they packed us each a “to-go” breakfast in the fridge, with fruit and yogurt, orange juice and a muffin. Complete with a smiley-face hand-drawn by “Uncle Bill.” YES I WANT TO GO BACK RIGHT NOW OMG.

The luck of the Irish  weary traveler was with us, and we managed to sail through the whole drive in about 6 hours. We efficiently unloaded the Griswold Family Volvo, and were left standing in our kitchen at around 3pm. The responsible thing would have been to stay in, unpack, relax and attack some of the laundry that we’d accrued over the last week.

We laugh at responsibility. HA HA HA.

Instead, acting on our more impulsive sides, we hopped in the car (AGAIN GAH WHAT WERE WE THINKING SMASH)(CAPSLOCK)(PARENTHESES)(I should get fined every time I use a long string of inner monologue with improprer punctuation)(I’m done now) and headed to Home Depot, where we had a gift card that was burning a hole in our pocket.

Because of the crazy circumstances of our closing back in March, painting wasn’t an option before we moved in. I also may be a bit of a control freak and commitment-phobe when it comes to permanently changing our wall color/punching holes in things, so it had taken a while for me to settle on a vision for our living room and bedroom.

Knowing that we had three more days of vacation ahead, we decided to put it to good use and finally paint those two rooms, when we wouldn’t be terribly disrupted by moving and covering the furniture. I selected the colors we’d decided on, while Army Boy went around and picked out the tools we’d need to get the job done.

About an hour later, we were back at home, a load of laundry (damn Catholic guilt) was in, and we were starting to prep both rooms.

Saturday morning rose HOT AND STICKY, as we put on our sexiest  most attractive totally unshowered painting duds and got to work. The next 6 hours are a blur of motion, sweat, and sore hands, but the family room was complete in time for us to get cleaned up and head out for a grown-up dinner date with some friends.

Sunday, it was lather, rinse, repeat as we did the bedroom. After our first coat was on, we moved to the family room and began the process of returning it to it’s former glory… and then we realized our mistake. Instead of removing the painter’s tape immediately after the second coat was applied, we’d left it on overnight. When the tape was removed, so were large chips of paint all around the border of the room. I pride myself on the fact that neither of us, despite how tired and sweaty we were, burst into a torrent of profanity and set things on fire. Instead, I jumped back up on a chair and started marking the areas that needed to be touched up, and Army Boy followed with the paintbrush. After touchups, you couldn’t even see the errors, and we’d learned our lesson for the bedroom.

We were then faced with a dilemma- all of our bedroom furniture had been moved OUT of said bedroom to make space. Because of the heat of the day, we weren’t convinced that the paint smell would be adequately dissipated for us to  it wouldn’t be stinky, and we decided to set up a temporary camp in the living room for the night.


Oh yeah, we are classy like that.

All’s well that ends well, and our painting project was concluded without an overabundance of profanity or one of us ending up covered in paint. The problem is this: Now that I’ve gotten to see what the house can look like with our personal touches, I’m hooked. I’m picking paint colors for the other rooms and biding my time like a mad scientist until Army Boy gives me the green light.

Oooo, green, that’s a good idea…


2 thoughts on “Paint-stravaganza

  1. I LOVE to do house projects. The house I’m in now is the first home I’ve ever owned, so it’s bringing out all sorts of skilz and energy I never thought I had. We’ve done a lot in our house to date and still have plenty to do, but I really enjoy getting my hands into something new like that.

    I can’t BELIEVE you guys had energy to do that when you got home from a trip, though! Wow.

    Glad you had so much fun on your trip!

  2. Oh, the house fun. Seven years after the purchase of this, our first house, and I am still hooked on the home projects. And don’t be afraid of paint – it’s the easiest, cheapest,quickest way to change a room,and you can ALWAYS change it later. Also, it takes time to build a vision, that’s part of the fun, taking the time to choose everything you love. It’s so rewarding in the end! enjoy!

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