Scenes From The Bedroom: It’s All Downhill From Here

(Scene: Brooke and Army Boy, in their newly-painted, Mad Men-esque bedroom. They’ve just come from a movie date [despite Brooke’s initial misgivings after her experience last week] and are still lounging on the bed, quoting lines back to each other like big nerds.)

(Suddenly, Army Boy quirks an eyebrow in “that way” and moves in for a kiss. Brooke, oblivious, misses the cue and continues chattering on.)

Army Boy: (in a “that way” tone) Ooo, you’re warm… (suggestively plays with the hem of her tee [I KNOW, SEXY RITE?!])

Brooke: (confused) I am? OH. (changes tone) I Ammmmm.

(She is completely unconvincing and they both end up laughing again.)

(End scene.)


4 thoughts on “Scenes From The Bedroom: It’s All Downhill From Here

  1. Sounds normal to me.

    Oh and you’d be very proud of me – my sister and I went to see “Eclipse” the other night, during which two women talked loudly and INCESSANTLY. When our glares didn’t work I finally shouted “come ON, ladies!” and they shut up for the rest of the movie. It was strangely satisfying.

    • Rock ON!! Both at the man oogling and the verbal bitch-slapping. I’m going to start smuggling booze or tranquilizers to the theater. That will guarantee a good time for all.

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