Tales From The Frat House: Not Taylor Swift Again

(Scene- Lego Block of Doom, Morning. Side view of Pharmacy Department cubes. Brooke, Genius Boy, Yankees Fan, and New Guy are all sleepily starting work for the day.)

(If by “work” you mean “reading People magazine online.”)

(Tinny music starts to filter down the row from someone’s mp3 player. It is unmistakably “Love Story” by Taylor Swift, and is not coming from the direction of any of the female members of the department.)

(Brooke stands with a confused look, and walks to Genius Boy’s cube. He looks equally confused, and pokes his head around Yankees Fan’s cube. At the same time, New Guy sticks his head out from the other side of Yankees Fan. All 3 have identical puzzled faces.)

(Yankees Fan looks at them all sheepishly.)

Yankees Fan: Whut.

Brooke: Um?

Genius Boy: Dude.

New Guy: We all heard Taylor Swift.

(Yankees Fan quickly changes to more manly music, and goes back to work. Genius Boy, New Guy, and Brooke crack up.)

(End Scene)


2 thoughts on “Tales From The Frat House: Not Taylor Swift Again

  1. He’s totally one of those Alpha Male, swaggery types. And even they like Taylor Swift, apparently. She’s going for world domination!

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