This Post Brought to You Courtesy of A.D.D. Meds. Or The Lack Thereof.

(Note: This was a post scheduled for earlier in the week that, due to massive distraction, didn’t get posted. Please to enjoy? I am, in fact, off shopping for WEDDINGDRESSESOMG as you read this.)

I’m not going to lie- I really haven’t the smallest fragment of a cohesive idea for today’s post. However, my brain is positively thrumming with loads of little idealets, and for my own sanity I feel the need to let them out.

For starters, the deathly quiet of blogtopia post-Blogher was… creepy. It was like being in the dorm on a Sunday morning, where you know the building is just crawling with hungover specimens of humanity, but then tumbleweed drifts by and you wonder if you’ve somehow ended up in a ghost town instead of on your way to brunch.

Actually, it probably WAS a result of a massive group hangover.

Those of us who didn’t attend were waiting with bated breath for the recaps and flickr streams to start popping up so that we could live vicariously through all that did.

Those of use who didn’t attend also probably were a part of #HomeHer10 on Twitter, an amazing idea that Backpacking Dad started that grew like wildfire until all of us (about 700 at last count) were firing off faux lecture topics, complaining about housekeeping (“I really hope the send someone up here soon- some baby just spilled salsa all over my carpet.”) and questioning our choices of “party wear” (“Blue or yellow yoga pants??”). Hopping on the stream every couple of hours last Friday always made me smile.

Saturday, I made my own contributions when travelling to my college Roomie’s wedding, and tweeting about #WedHer10, and #Purplecorn.

And what I learned was this: We bloggers WANT to be a community. Unlike a workplace, or the grocery store, or even a social organization, we are a group of people that want to laugh with each other, include each other, and want to LIKE each other.

If some of us can’t go to the party, we’re going to bring the party to us.

I have heard that some people thought #HomeHer10 was mocking BlogHer, or disparaging in some way… I can personally say that it wasn’t like that at all. Even now, as the BlogHer attendees are heading home and missing their newfound friends, the #HomeHer10 attendees are doing the same thing. The Twitter stream is still active, albeit a little more slowly, and we all enjoyed that feeling of being a part of something.

Isn’t that what blogging is in the first place? Being a part of sharing our lives and viewpoints, and having the freedom to do so? The fact that instead of being bummed, and feeling like those who went to BlogHer were luckier/cooler/more privileged than we were, we decided to do what we do best and creatively express the adventure of “being home?” Is pretty awesome, actually.

It was a giant, organic writing prompt that Backpacking Dad fired into the Twittersphere without any idea that all of us would jump on it like a bunch of crazed puppies and run with it. All I could think of was how proud I was to be connected to a group of vibrant, creative people who, no matter what their current circumstances are able to stop for a few minutes and indulge in a bit of play.

And even though at this point next year I will be mere weeks away from my wedding, and more than likely not able to attend BlogHer ’11 in San Diego, I know that the rest of you will be out there, and we’ll find ways to kick some more Internet Ass together.


5 thoughts on “This Post Brought to You Courtesy of A.D.D. Meds. Or The Lack Thereof.

  1. I think that the community aspect of blogging is what MAKES it work. Without that, we might as well be writing into our journals, alone. Or have private, locked blogs available only to ourselves. We all want to be part of something bigger. All of us.

    • Or we all get sucked in by reading Aunt Becky and think “I want to try to be made of awesome too!”

      (And then we say “fuck” alot.)

  2. Yep. Community’s what it’s all about. I *loved* the #homeher10 idea and would have been all over it if I’d been home (and had internet connection).

    And excuse me, but I think scheduling your wedding within a few weeks of Blogher11 is poor planning, since I expect you to be there next year. I think May would be a good time for a wedding. That or October – I’m sure fall weddings would be lovely where you are. Could you get right on that please? 😉

      • Hey, I have an idea. San Diego is beautiful, apparently. Why don’t you just get married at Blogher11?? I’m sure Army Boy would go for it….

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