Happy Blogday To Me

If you had asked me a year ago if I’d still be here, babbling my inner thoughts to the Internet, I might have shrugged you off and estimated that I’d make it 5 or 6 months before I let it fizzle out.

And yet! Here I am!

A full year after my very first post, when I admitted that the man-shortage in PA (SHUT UP THERE TOTALLY WAS ONE) had driven me to try *gasp!* online dating, I’m still sharing way too much information. Thanks to some well-timed comments by some of my bloggy heroes (The Bloggess and Aunt Becky, who took the time to give ME a slap on the ass and say “Go get ‘em!”), I kept writing. Thanks to some amazing new people that I’m proud to call friends, I kept writing.

I found my voice during the course of this year, and I kept writing.

I wrote through Army Boy’s divorce, and the Snowpocalypse of this winter. I wrote about holidays, and everyday, and started seeing the humor that I would previously have missed. I wrote about the equal stress and joy of buying a house, and the MISERY of closing on said house. I wrote about little things, and big things, underwear and engagement rings. And now, I’m writing about my wedding.

I wrote.

Oddly, my voice speaks in run-on sentences and ALL CAPS, loves parentheses and also shares more than you want to know about what goes on in the bedroom. Mostly when it involves centipedes, but still.

Who would have thought?!

I’m going to leave you with this gem from a year ago, in which I was confronting the fear of being mediocre, and was perhaps my most amazing self-motivational speech EVER.

“I am not going to let this intimidate me. I could be that guy from the Mets that just got hurt walking into the dugout during the Phillies game. I mean, come on. If the Spartans in “300″ had gotten intimidated, we wouldn’t have gotten to see half as many makeup-enhanced abs. If Luke Skywalker had wussed out instead of being a serious Jedi badass when he had to face down Jabba the Hutt, we wouldn’t have seen that cool desert battle on Tatooine and millions of geeks wouldn’t fantasize about Carrie Fisher in a bikini. If those guys on The Orca had decided that they really did need a bigger boat and gone back to Amity to get a new one, Jaws probably would have eaten a bunch more kids and yeah maybe a couple of guys on the boat wouldn’t have died but we wouldn’t have gotten to see the shark finally explode in a mass of meat chunks and fake blood and how freaking cool was that?!”

If you haven’t already started a blog, you totally want to after reading that, right?

Thank you for reading. And commenting. And giving love/advice/bitchslaps when needed.

Tonight, I’m going to have some wine, and toast to this completely surprising adventure that I’ve been on for the last year. Then, I’m going to drink to many more completely surprising adventures, and to documenting them all.

PS- In case you want to reread Army Boy’s first appearance on the blog, click here. He turned out to be kinda important, I guess. 🙂


14 thoughts on “Happy Blogday To Me

  1. One year ago, I made my blog public. THAT MAKES US BLOG TWINS.

    Okay, not really.

    Congrats on making it this far. Keep going. (Next stop, BlogHer11 in San Diego? Look for me, if you go.)

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  3. HA! You’re older than me! Well, ok, ya’ know, only in blog time! Happy bloggyversary doll! I am so glad we found each other. I love this blog, you, your adventures and that manic voice of yours. I wouldn’t change a thing about any of it.

    I look forward to the next year and all of the great things to come.

  4. Happy blogday! It turns into quite the part of you you never knew you were missing and now can’t imagine living without, doesn’t it? I love that blogging introduces you to totally cool people you otherwise would never have known 🙂

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