Txting Mr Darcy Reads: “The Passage” & “Mockingjay”

Oh the joy! The rapture! I have returned two book reviews of two different post-apocalyptic novels.

Also, possibly related: I am terrified that the world is going to end.

That’s a story for another day.

I KNOW! You totally thought that I forgot about that page.

I figured that I’d either find my way back to it, or end up nixing it all together at the end of the summer.

And then. The book of all books came along- one that I was so excited to read, finish, and share with everyone (aka- tell you that you’d better read it or we can no longer be friends, for serious.)(No, I’m kidding, we can still be friends.) that I was forced to get my ass back to book reviewing.

Here goes.


2 thoughts on “Txting Mr Darcy Reads: “The Passage” & “Mockingjay”

  1. I appreciate the spoiler alert….I was tempted, oh so very tempted.

    Both books are still sitting on my nightstand. I’m starting to wonder if Mockingjay will end up on the honeymoon with me! I’m def not lugging The Passage internationally though. 😉

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