Scenes From the Bedroom: “Witness” Edition

(Scene: Sunday night. Brooke and Army Boy are getting ready for bed, pulling out work clothes for the new week and generally looking sleepy.)

Brooke: Booo…. No work shorts. Put them away.

Army Boy: (holds them out of her reach) I know, it sucks.

Brooke: Stay home.

AB: And how are we going to make up my salary?

Brooke: I’ll be a hooker.

AB: Um??

Brooke: Ok, an exotic dancer. It would be worth it.

AB: Noooo.

Brooke: Oooo, YOU should be a stripper. You and that cute butt of yours… (wheels clearly turning) WAIT! NO! I’m not sharing.

AB: Haha, I’d suck at that. You said I have no rhythm.

Brooke: I don’t think it’s exactly about “rhythm,” baby. (switches to announcer voice) “Tonight, Aunt Annie’s Amphitheater of Ass is proud to present…. Jakey the Naughty Menonnite!”

Army Boy: Definitely. I’m Back in Black and ready to rock.

Brooke: Still not sharing.

AB: Is there really a place called that? Because if not, the way your brain works SCARES me.

(There’s not.)

(End Scene)


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