Exhibit A: The Nerd in Debate

c/o Google. and nom.

(Scene: The Casa Kitchen, cleaning up dinner dishes.)

Army Boy: So, did you and Danielle behave at work today?

Brooke: Stupid question. Of course not.

AB: Even with all the crazy projects?

Brooke: Even then. I totally made her day this morning by sending her a picture of Apollo* in a towel.

AB: Why would that make her day?

Brooke: Um… uh… Because… we are watching… that show???

AB: OMG. You totally want his junk.

Brooke. Shutup. Do not.

AB: You DO. You want to fraaaak him. You want to have his baaaabies.

Brooke: SO?!

AB: You would probably have a threesome with him and Starbuck**.

Brooke: OK, SHUTUP Kate Beckinsale.

AB: Oh, here we go again….

Brooke: At least MY nerdcrushes do cool things like pilot Vipers and kill Cylons. Yours walks around wearing a completely impractical leather catsuit and looking like she really needs a cheeseburger!

AB: Haha, whatever.

Brooke: “Oh Selene, let’s have little creepy half vamp-werewolf-Mennonite babies….”

AB: Ya done?

Brooke: My crushes on fictional characters are so cooler than YOUR crushes on fictional characters.

(End scene.)

*-”Apollo” being Captain Lee Adama from “Battlestar Galactica”.

** -“Starbuck”- Lt Kara Thrace. Also from “Battlestar Galactica.”***

***- Yes. We are really THAT nerdy. It’s really for the best that we don’t go out in public often.



3 thoughts on “Exhibit A: The Nerd in Debate

  1. I like that you immediately jumped to anime when I said “cartoons.” Makes me feel slightly less lame. Note “slightly.”

    Of course, now that fall TV is starting up again… the imaginary crushes may venture into the “real people” realm again. (Chuck is still my boyfriend.)

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