The Nerd’s Fall Playlist

This time each year becomes a perfect storm at work. Medicare open enrollment occurs in the fall, and as such we need to do extensive testing to make sure that our 2011 benefits are behaving appropriately. This results in days of plugging in data, staring at spreadsheets and running test claims to make sure that our rules and our pharmacy processor’s system are getting along.

It could become even more completely monotonous without a good soundtrack to keep the brainwaves firing.

This year, I’ve decided to take a cue from my dear Scalene, and open up my fall playlist to my commenters. If there is an album that you feel I absolutely MUST have, leave it in the comments and I’ll get myself over to Amazon or iTunes.

Check out some of my past music recommendations for my general taste. I’d say I lean toward the “indie” side of things, but don’t hesitate to throw in some pop or tasteful country. (Read: TWANG IS BAD.) (ALSO: HI JENNIFER NETTLES! I LOVE YOU! BE MY FRIEND!) (Sorry.) The only thing that I definitely avoid is screamy rock, so be kind.

Some of my recent additions to the iPod are Sara Bareilles’ new album, “Kaleidoscope Heart”* and Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream.” (I couldn’t resist the album cover that smelled like cotton candy. Yes, I am THAT shallow.) I’m up in the air about “Florence and the Machine”… Yes or no?

Hit the comments and tell me your must-haves for fall!

* One of the rare second albums that blows the first out of the water, if that’s even possible. I am completely in love.


3 thoughts on “The Nerd’s Fall Playlist

  1. I don’t know much Florence, but I love Kiss With a Fist. And I have been on a classical music kick that Cyril would approve of. Plus lots of Ella. And some Bobby Darin.

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