Let Us Eat Cake!

Apparently my workplace has been overrun by something akin to the Black Plague, which has laid me low since Saturday night. I’m back, slightly croaky but intact. For the first time in my life, I’m not actively involved in a musical organization, so I’m not worried about losing my voice. It’s actually kinda freeing. I know that it will come back when it’s damn good and ready, and I don’t need to be constantly plying it with hot tea and honey to render it usable.

It’s another eventful (4 day) week here for us. Tomorrow we’re taking the first (and some would argue most) important step toward solidifying the wedding menu: Cake tasting.

We lucked out in the aspect that our venue has a restaurant and pastry chef on staff, so our cake is included as part of the catering package. Our concern is that it might be assy, so we’re going to do a tasting to make sure we don’t need to consider looking elsewhere. Based on the raves I’ve heard from other brides, I’m worried needlessly. Not to mention that Army Boy isn’t a fan of fondant, so we’ll probably decide on a basic frosted cake anyway.

My point is this: CAKE. Mmmm.

Thursday marks the One Year countdown until our wedding day! I can’t believe we’ve been engaged for three months already, but when I look at everything we’ve accomplished it does make sense. At this point, I feel like we’re into the more “administrative” (for lack of a better word) end of things: needing to select Save-the-Dates, Invitations, start coming up with ideas for place cards and table names/numbers, etc… and then we have a break for a while until we need to start picking entrees, registering for gifts, and planning seating charts.

Part of me is glad that we chose to have a long engagement, to give us further time to mesh our finances and responsiblities as a couple… And part of me wishes I’d decided to throw caution to the wind and choose a wedding date at the beginning of next year. One option results in me becoming a Type A Stress Monster, the other leads to impatience.

Oh, and if I haven’t changed enough things in the last year, I’m cautiously looking toward a job change. I started the current position in January of this year, and I STILL don’t feel like I’ve got my feet under me. My original job was eliminated when the plans we worked for were terminated at the end of 2009. However, I can’t help but feeling that I was better at that particular job. There’s a similar position open with a new team now, and I’d love to jump for it–

–But our company has this awkward system in place that requires you ask permission of your supervisor in order to post for another position. Yeah, that doesn’t SUCK or anything. “Hey, I’m not really happy with this job, so I’m definitely looking elsewhere… Is that ok? Oh, and try not to resent me for it or anything if I don’t get it…”

I know that in the end it’s about choosing the path that will make me happiest, and I believe that it would be in returning to my previous job. As much as it sucks to let my boss and team down, they need to understand. (In all honesty, I KNOW that the team does… we’ve all been voicing our concerns lately)

So yes. Planning a wedding, possibly changing jobs and possibly adding to our family in the form of a four-legged child. We should have an idea later this week as to whether we can definitely move forward and plan for a puppy who will be joining us right after the New Year. The parents of the litter are both sweet, gorgeous animals (and Champions out of Champions out of—well, you get the point), but it’s the bitch’s first litter and the breeder is unsure how many pups to expect out of her. The vet appointment to determine that is happening this Friday, so we’ll have our answer then. We were lucky enough to meet a wonderful breeder who’s been very “hands-on” with us, allowing us to spend time with her and the parents, and offering some extras (such as a grooming lesson) that go above and beyond what I’d expect of the typical breeder. It’s a great situation, and one that we both feel really positive about.

Of course, I’ll keep the internet posted, and hope to get the chance to spend more time with our pup’s parents. We also want to get lots of photos to document the whole process, so I’ll share those as I get them.

Sorry this is such a rambling post, but if I seem to have writer’s A.D.D. over the next weeks, you’ll know why!


6 thoughts on “Let Us Eat Cake!

  1. There is no question that the cake is the most important part of the wedding, with the exception of, you know, the getting-married part. We had a chocolate-chip-cookie cake and I loved it maybe a little more than my then-new husband. But don’t tell him. It’s better that way.

    Happy tasting!

  2. Giving yourself loads of time for everything was definitely the better idea. Time to do things the way you want and finish adjusting. Some people are haphazard, others can’t handle things properly. You and Army Boy don’t fall into either of these catergories. Things will go great.
    The job situation, you just need to do what is best for you and your happiness and success.
    So, cake?? What’s it gonna be????

    • OMG, we are totally conventional and boring. Three layers, two of them white cake with chocolate mousse and one chocolate cake with white chocolate mousse. It was simple and so delicious, I couldn’t mess with it.

      I don’t know how I restrained myself from faceplanting in the chocolate mousse.

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